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Back on October ninth and has been working with the CDC to figure out how to stop it. The Boston Red Sox World Series champions after a five one win over the dodgers game five in Los Angeles. De mutual has more. Steve peers homered twice and Mukhi beds and JD Martinez. Also went deep is Boston won the best of seven matchup four games to one David price. Allowing just three hits and one run in seven plus innings for the win. Clayton Kershaw gave up four runs in seven frames including three homers to take the loss. David freeze led off the first with a home run for LA. It's the fourth championship since two thousand four for the Red Sox and their ninth. Overall team you GO NBC News Radio. San Francisco is letting non-citizens vote next month and a local school board election. It includes non-citizens here legally and illegally route forty f- registered for the vote. So far, the decision is expected to become a flash point for conservatives and the right who already paint, California as an example of liberal politics gone too, far supporters say it's mainly about giving

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