Bat Interferons

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In spite of being hosts for a multitude of different viruses, bats don't display any signs of the resulting diseases. What is it that keeps these creatures of the night, so healthy? This is innovation now protecting humans from deadly viruses. Like Ebola has immunologists working overtime. And a group of scientists in Australia are turning to bats for answers all mammals release a group of proteins called interferons to block replication of invading viruses. Although humans have a large number of these proteins one Australian mammal the black fruit bat has only three unique interference and the bat uses those proteins to offensively fight disease in humans our immune systems kick into action in response to infection the interferon defense for bats is switched on all the time creating an upfront attack again. Disease without causing the toxic reaction to tissue and cells that same twenty four seven response would cause an humans manipulating the immune responses of other species to work in a similar way could be just what the doctor ordered to safeguard the human population for innovation. Now. I'm Jennifer pulling innovation now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA and is distributed by w HR V.

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