German Chancellor Angela Merkel will step down as head of CDU after election defeat


Vote is scheduled for this Wednesday. The proposed work would begin in twenty nineteen. It would take three years. Mayor Emanuel says it would put to work more than five thousand people. Let's get an update now from WGN sports morning, David. Thank you, very good morning. This celebration is on in Boston. They seemed almost destined to win the World Series after winning one hundred eight games in the regular season. Of course, doesn't always work that way this time. Eight did the Red Sox wrap up the series last night with a five one win over the dodgers in LA? Steve Pearce homered twice for the Red Sox giving him three in the series. He was World Series. MVP David price got his second win of the series beating Clayton Kershaw and former White Sox pitcher Chris sale struck out the side to end it. The Blackhawks jumped on Edmonton for a first period lead on a goal from Brad Seabrook by the end of the first game was tied. And and our xfinity Blackhawks report neither team scored. Again, he'll overtime when Oilers star Connor mcdavid score. Give them a two one win over the Blackhawks are expended. Blackhawks report the hawks now six three and three. They start a three game road trip. Wednesday in Vancouver. The bears are back atop the NFC north this morning after a twenty four ten win of the New York Jets. Mitch Trubisky past for a couple of touchdowns jor Jordan Howard ran for a scores. The bears improved to four and three last night. New Orleans top Minnesota thirty to twenty Green Bay fell to the Rams twenty nine seven Seattle knockoff to try twenty eight to fourteen we'll talk to Dan Hampton this morning at seven ten on the Steve Cochran show. The bulls back in action tonight at the United Center hosting the six and one Golden State Warriors, Alabama, Clemson Notre Dame LSU and Michigan one through five in this week's AP top twenty five college football, Paul of the Irish come to Evanston today on north western on Saturday night. We'll have that game right here on WGN. They kick off is at six. Fifteen on the home of the Blackhawks the northwestern. Wildcats and White Sox baseball. Dave attic, WGM sports. This week. Find great

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