Caucus chaos in Iowa


But first the United States before Americans cast votes for president in November election. The Democrats have to decide who I should nominate their party in the rice against President Donald Trump. Now that happens in fifty states and territories through voting contests called primaries and caucuses. The first race was this week in Iowa and there were at least for two. Is No results extrordinary. There was outright confusion as democratic critic officials sodded quality control if it's to say this is caused democratic anxiety. It's an understatement night. The Arnie the Democrats have spent more than three years questioning the legitimacy of the twenty sixteen election yet now I see the legitimacy of their own democratic process questioned well for more on Iowa and what it means for the shape of US foreign policy. Let's turn to our panel. Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington and a former special assistant to President Role Reagan Doug happy to be on Garon. A good cheek is a lecturer in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney Sydney and the United States study said. Welcome back to our anger on pretty till we hear. Let's start with this fiasco in Iowa. What did you make of it? Doug Oh it's a disaster aster for the Democratic Party. It's embarrassing. It's an embarrassment for the United States as well and frankly it's a victory for Donald Trump. It allows him to make jokes about the the Democrats across. It makes it very difficult for them to be taken seriously and it creates conspiracy theories within the Democratic Party. It's very bad all around. We're talking about conspiracy theories series momentum appears to be with Bernie Sanders. He's the socialist anti-establishment candidate looks like he's more or less running on power with a Buddha Zhai the former mayor in Indiana but he's over now to win New Hampshire in February but his supporters. Garon I think the party establishment is trying to block. They candidate plausible. Well they saw goes back to two thousand sixteen when we saw really heated primaries raise between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Rick Clinton. We all know how that went end. for a pretty substantial probably portion of Bernie Sanders supporters. This is basically a chance to do the right thing. Now that in two thousand sixteen. They didn't get the result that they wanted so obviously any sort of kind of of issues with with any of the primaries for them will be seen probably probably as a Democratic National Committee's way of Preventing Bernie Sanders from winning the party nomination at the same in time the establishment candidate jibe on the former vice president distant fourth easy damaged goods. Doug Bandow always very damaged. You'll the he's a two term vice president he was in the US Senate for many years. He's someone who has been tabbed as the front runner. He's leading the national polls. You know it's one thing to come. I'm in second you know. I was an odd status. In agricultural status moment western state is really not representative but to come in fourth behind the to Progressive Zan. Dan Buddha gauge is I think extremely damaging. He's moving on to New Hampshire. Where in fact he is behind in the polls you know if he loses both of these you go down to South Carolina the end of the month? You know he's only five points ahead in the last poll if he loses that he has real problems then the conceivable that the other establishment candidate Mark Bloomberg. He's the billionaire former New York. May He's the big unknown he now. It seems wisely was not on the ballot in Iowa but he supported early success for Sanders as beneficial for Bloomberg wagering that it will. You know. Forced moderates lock Barden Buddha Jai to drop out along the way and clear wife or a light swing to Bloomberg grandma so the theory goes and obviously when things come through to be tested in practice we we shall see what what happens. Especially after Super Tuesday but there is this certainly a theory. That really is Biden. Dwindles this leave space. Space for Bloomberg any specially if it comes to Wisconsin in July for the Democratic National Convention and if there is a number of contenders still there is no one would majority there. Might be someone. With plurality Mike Bloomberg could certainly emerge as a kingmaker and and maybe this is the sort of strategy that his companions and that my explain Doug that after this Iowa debacle. He Bloomberg's doubling down on his advertising tossing Spain. But how does he support. Actually Rahm Bloomberg is. I think we'll have trouble getting a lot of personal support on the other hand. He may be seen as the best alternative live. You know somebody who is more centrist orientation. He's smart he's presentable and he has a lot of money he can match any spending from Donald Trump. The problem is he's run as a Republican before he's Kinda cold fish. He's not very personable. He has problems as a candidate. But again word a different world and for Democrats if you're looking for an alternative to the progressives if you're scared of the idea of a millionaire socialist you're representing your party Bloomberg might be the guy in July or he can be the guy to anoint. The person who gets now you've had dealings with Bloomberg. What's the nature of your of your dealings with? The Bloomberg was a couple of years ago bringing in foreign policy people to argue issues. I mean in many ways. It was quite impressive. He sat with us out Bloomberg along with yet a foreign policy adviser and he brought three of us in in my case to talk about Syria. The man is clearly well informed. He understands issues. He's smart. He's engaged. He was down to Earth. The problem is from his standpoint. I think being a presidential candidate is typically ebbing smartening in. That sense doesn't really get you a lot of votes in a way. That being personable empathizing these sorts of things. And he's not really that kind of a character but I was impressed impressed with him. He struck me as somebody who is competent. Who If as president he could very well do a good job depending on what you thought of him on the issues? So I think he'll he. He will make a mark doc in this race. He's a smart guy who's willing to spend tens of millions of dollars you can't ignore. My guests are dot band out from the institute in Washington and Gerona Good. She's from the University of Sydney and the US study center

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