Digital vs. Traditional Marketing like Billboards: Lessons Learned

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There is a long stretch of I. Eighty between Cheyenne Dan and Salt Lake City where I grew up that is almost nothing but highway and desert. I have driven this stretch a million times and over the holidays I was driving and again this time with my niece Katrine and my nephew Al Hundred John Reid received the majestic cargo train. It's natural habitat sir. David attenborough road trips eight miles and miles of mostly shrubs the occasional cargo train gene end billboards one set of billboards in particular large rooms. Great Rates Little America. My Niece Kaitlyn there. The billboards that we're seeing are all the same fancy truck stop slash hotel called Little America that is in the absolute middle of this middle of nowhere there for nearly a hundred miles these billboards show up every few minutes. Forty two miles to the little America. There's another one coming right up. After it and there in the desert we are a captive audience to running storyline of these billboards. Seventeen marble showers. Little even start intimidating them wings little America but there is one thing in particular that shows up on these billboards more than any other so often that people even write about this billboard in their online reviews of the truck style and this is the one that we've been decided about this. This one says seventy five cent cones fifteen miles little America rising up from the desert floor is a many many feet tall Paul delicious looking soft. Serve ice cream cone lawless world wing of that billboards like these have a special kind of place in our collective to road trip hearts. These days everyone online goes to the same websites. But once you get there we all get different personalized ads but with a billboard. Everyone drives this road. Sees the same ad and billboards they work the market for billboards continues to grow. There are currently about three hundred fifty thousand of them in America and more go up up every single day and one study. Found that billboards when you pair them with digital ads are more effective than print ads. And we're sorry to say than Radio Jio ads so it was probably inevitable that Katryn Alejandro and I did exactly as the billboards back into us to do all girl cheeses

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