Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein's Criminal Trial Begins in New York


Breakdown. I'm Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown. Joining me is Matt Bellamy of the Hollywood reporter and Matt as people who follow the news no The Harvey Weinstein trial has finally finally gotten underway in New York. That is As this trial was getting underway with jury selection Meanwhile he was indicted in Los Angeles for two assaults of rape and a sexual assault two consecutive days in two thousand thirteen. Jackie Lacey the. Da came up with that and a party immediately respond to Harvey's lawyers By saying I assume I don't know because there was more negative publicity than there's already been which is a lot what we have to postpone the New York trial because of the these charges against me in Los Angeles and the judge wasn't having it. No the judge has been pretty adamant that this trial is going to take place in New York. He has also been pretty tough on Weinstein in the courtroom as well. He admonished him earlier this week for texting exciting or using one of his two phones in the courtroom basically saying that he's GonNa throw him in jail if he doesn't stop and do you really want to spend the rest of your life in jail for texting in a courtroom room. Yeah he had already been admonished about this business with the cell phones and he He can't seem to help himself. I mean it reminds reminds you of a summit at your teenage teenage kid. Who can't let put the phone down some adults I should say also but when you're in trial where you could potentially end up in prison for a very long time? It seems extreme now. Of course whatever the argument was about these L. A. Indictments and of course it means that whatever happens. In New York he will be facing Potentially a trial here as soon as the trial or at some point following what happens in New York. Whatever happens here The problem is of course in New York that there has been so much publicity so they have tons is a potential jurors and so far they've had to send tons of them home and this. This is promises to be quite a long trial so I think some of the jurors are probably Lee jumping up and saying yes I will have a problem being objective. It the requirement isn't that they've never heard of the Harvey Weinstein allegations the requirement that the judge is asking is. Can you be objective and people are saying nope. I don't think I can and I think partly is because that trial just looms large. Yeah we we gotta look at the questionnaire that the jurors prospective jurors are are being given and it includes things like have you ever worked in the entertainment industry you know. Have you ever known someone who's been the victim of sexual assault things like that and the jurors are coming up with with some pretty specific responses. One Juror said that she had just finished reading. Catching kill. The Ronan Farrow Book which She's believe because her to not have a very favorable impression of Harvey Weinstein and I believe this person is likely going to be dismissed. I mean those are the kinds of things that the Weinstein defense team is is up against a I think if you're if you think you could be called as a potential jury you're probably running right maybe. The sales of catching killen are spiking New York. So people can say I read that book. I really can't do this now. Harvey Weinstein has turned around and tried to get the judge who has been. You can say hard on him. I mean Harvey has really I in my opinion asked for trouble because he has done things like you know there have been questions about whether he tampered with his ankle. Monitor's since he seems to have vanished from tracking at certain points and then the issue with the cell phone and whatnot and his lawyers. I I will note His lawyer gave an interview. Donna Rotan oh In which I thought it was an argument to be made that she was attempting to intimidate. One witness the Santa Bella Figura. She basically said you know she's been an actress all her life which is true observation but then she went on to say. I thought in rather ominous sounding way. I hope she's pro. I'm sure she's prepared to answer and sit on the witness stand and that of course prompted the prosecutors say there should be a gag order which I thought was not a bad idea and the judge basically denied that but said you know I'm not going to issue a gag order but you do need to shut up and I think that was largely aimed at at Harvey's lawyer but as I was saying earlier there wasn't attempt to disqualify the judge saying he was being mean to Harvey. Yeah and I think that'll be a theme. We're GONNA see throughout this trial. Because not only are they trying to win the case. But they're also setting up a potential appeal if harvey is convicted. So more will be revealed. That's Bellamy editorial director of the Hollywood reporter. He joins me this Monday at one thirty on the business. I'm Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood

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