Minnesotans in the mix at UN climate summit in Madrid

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MINNESOTANS in the mix at the international climate summit in Madrid. I'm NPR chief meteorologist. Paul Kutner with climate cats. The world's latest COP twenty five climate summit wraps up in Madrid this week. What's the specific focus of this latest climate summit? Sarah Sarah Good. Speed is the youth and policy manager at Minnesota's climate generation. She attended the meetings and joins me via skype from Madrid this week. Hi Sarah how. Aw what are the key. Areas of focus and negotiations at this particular meeting. Well there are a lot of different working groups trying to work out. It's a rule book on the parents agreements so this includes how countries will be counting their emissions reductions. What kinds of projects counts? And what kind of regulations. Those projects need to fall under in order to safeguard communities and to effectively reduce emissions rather than just counting counting projects. That folks we already doing or double-counting those projects then negotiators are sent in to amplify their own countries perspectives. I want you to listen to this comment from Executive Secretary for UN Climate Change Patricia Espinosa. And get your reaction on the other side each year the call. We're told that the window of opportunity could close soon ministers. They window of opportunity. Is this closing now Sarah. We know that climate scientists are conveying. The sense of urgency is that getting through to policymakers in Madrid. I would agree with the sentiments of Patricia. The NOSSA WE are hearing that from all sides youth are calling for indigenous. People have been calling for it and that's really not translating into the action that we need you know we've for years been talking about the potential for things like sea level rise and forced I migration were actually seeing that already begin to happen in certain parts of the world and right here in the United States. What's the discussion about forced migration due to the already early impacts of climate change forest migration is actually one of the themes that climate generation is looking into this year ear? As we're here at COP I've been in a number of discussions both with frontline communities we're experiencing migration or who are facing displacement from their homelands homelands as well as with countries were trying to prepare to receive migrants and so there is a lot of discussion around looking for different ways that we can model solutions in. It's not necessarily translating again into formal commitments by countries to support those solutions yet. And what have you found most interesting cop twenty five so far I have been very powerfully struck by the representation of youth and indigenous voices. They've been incredibly powerful voices and I hope that our negotiators across different countries are really starting and to hear them and stand behind them as they create these new policies. Sir We talk on climate cast and we know people can all make personal changes to reduce our carbon urban footprints but how important are the bigger structural changes. There's no amount of personal action that can equal the systemic structural changes changes that we really need to achieve our goals. We are here in Madrid and advocating for those larger structural changes that make it possible for for individuals to make the right choices and for all of our infrastructure to reflect the green feature that we really need Syra goodspeed. Youth and policy manager here at climate generation. Thanks for joining me from Madrid on skype on climate casted. Thank you Paul. That's climate cast. NPR chief meteorologist call

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