Do female CEOs get called out more often for creating a toxic work culture?


Of startups seemed to have toxic cultures. That is not okay but do female CEOS get called out for it more often even from American public media. This is marketplace tech demystifying the digital economy. I'm Ali would earlier this week. Steph curry resigned as CEO of the Trendy Luggage Company away after a report on the company's toxic workplace culture. Recently there have been several negative stories about female CEOS at at the period underwear startup thinks parenting benefits company. Cleo and the BRA company. Third love now. Other female founders are wondering where are all the stories about toxic workplaces run by men because startup culture is kind of legendarily bad ceremony. Gov Is CEO and Co founder of the Childcare Startup Winnie. She wrote a piece in tech crunch called the inevitable. Take down of the female. CEO She says the negative coverage female CEOS compared to their male counterparts is noticeably disproportionate. So overall AM super glad that we're starting to question some of these practices that I think have been common so so long in startups and we're holding startups in tech companies to a higher standard. But I also WanNa make sure that this questioning is being applied across the board to all companies. There was a recent report that came out that two point eight percent of venture capital goes to female founded and led companies And that's actually an all time high this year so in other words you'd expect that two point eight percent of startups exposed for having in these toxic work environments would be female founded female led. And that isn't true if you look at kind of a lot of the companies in the news so we have to do much better job above exposing bad male lead workplaces and especially before they get to be. You know the size of Uber. You shouldn't be able to get away with this kind of behavior for a decade and then walk away with billions of dollars. Yeah let's talk about startup culture specifically for a minute I had a female founders. Say to me we're all. Aw texting these articles to each other you know about thinks in Cleo and third love and away and were thinking that at least some of the things in here could easily really apply to me because on some level at least the work part the demanding part the long hours that's just sort of considered table stakes for working at a startup right. Yeah it is and I'm glad you know we're starting to question whether that is table stakes. We have for a long time. It when he said that isn't table. Stakes that actually. You can get more out of people people by having them work fewer hours and treating them like adults and giving them flexibility to have families. I did kind of chuckled to myself. One of the things you mentioned in the latest piece was three. AM slack messages. And I'm commonly on slack at three. Am while breastfeeding my daughter But I I do make sure as you kind of explicitly state like. No one should feel the need to respond to this until they're working but that is part of having flexibility. Do you think that the environment government that you're describing. Do you think that that just keeps more women from wanting to found companies in the first place I do think it definitely does hurt women then when they see this kind of news in the press. That doesn't mean we shouldn't expose these bad companies but we should also expose and promote companies companies and models for starting companies. Who Don't look like Steve Jobs and Elon. Musk and Travis Kalanick's like let's start to to share the stories of women who are mothers who are building companies at the same time as they're building their families and have great work life balance. Glad show more examples sample's of Katrina Lake with her child. Ip owing those are the kind of positive examples. That I think really help Make AAC women feel like they can do this too And so part of me writing the piece is I feel like I owe it to other. Female founders and other women who are are contemplating starting companies To show them that it is absolutely possible and that there is a model for this. That doesn't have to look like the male founders. That are these dictators that are creating these toxic environments. We can do things differently and we should do things differently ceremony office. CEO and Co founder of the Childcare Startup Winnie. She wrote a piece in tech crunch called the inevitable. Take down of the female.

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