Trump impeachment: White House responds to deadline and says it won't participate in hearing


The latest now in the impeachment inquiry president trump response to house Democrats a Friday deadline to announce whether he will present a formal defense and the next house impeachment hearings ABC news senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega reports the president's response has now been made public White House lawyers telling house Democrats quote your impeachment inquiry is completely baseless and has violated basic principles of due process and fundamental fairness and you should end this inquiry now and not waste even more time with additional hearings they say this would be a reckless abuse of power and they are quoting the president who just said that if you're going to a each me do it fast so we can focus on a trial in the Senate house judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler he says they have subpoenaed top administration officials only to be repeatedly is met with stonewalling from this White House he says the American people deserve answers from the president he says they are

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