House Judiciary Committee to vote Thursday on articles of impeachment against Trump

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The House Judiciary Committee. We'll get back together on Thursday and we'll likely vote to send articles of impeachment for a full House vote put. The committee will vote separately on each article abuse of power and obstruction of Congress accusations around president. Donald trump that he abused his power whereby pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden and he's accused of then obstructing by directing his staff to ignore subpoenas on on Wednesday lawmakers continue to bait impeachment proceedings. Republican ranking member. Doug Collins argued that Democrats are attempting to impeach trump. Because they don't think they can beat him in next year's election the real legacy of this impeachment hearing will not be the removal of Donald Trump is president in fact if anything they see the majority for what they are on three year vendetta to get someone that they couldn't beat and they're desperate to do it before he beats him again next year but Democrats continued to say that the president it end violated his position of power congresswoman. SHEILA JACKSON-LEE I. President trump violated his oath of office by placing his personal and political interests. It's above the national interest by scheming to get Ukraine to investigate a potential election opponent. Second President trump retrain the national interest by withholding vital congressionally congressionally appropriated security to beleaguered and besieged ally facing armed aggression from Russia. America's implacable foe before final votes. That Committee on on Thursday will consider potential amendments at that point Republicans could attempt to remove or limit accusations but Democrats Outnumber Republicans twenty eighty four to seventeen on the panel so they're expected to control any contested votes

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