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More innings than the rotation did for the angels last last year. And I'll be curious to see if they try to do that again with a better bullpen. Perhaps or whether they do have one or maybe two more moves in them now. I think they're at an estimated total of about one hundred. Seventy seven million right now for twenty twenty so depending on how adventurous already Marino is feeling there is room there. Air To add another solid starting pitcher or two without even going above the competitive balance tax threshold not that that threshold is lava that you can't touch or anything but she team seemed to treat it that way. Yeah I think like this is another situation where with Zack wheeler signing in some of the stuff that we're with the the nationals even or the Red Sox or all the trades we were talking about yesterday On our second emergency podcast ask out of three and three days The we have to have some sort of rhetorical shorthand for we know the competitive balance tax threshold is bullshit but teams are. They're gonNA treat it like like you said like it's made Alava and I think at the angels are going to compete in the short term. They need to they need say. SCREW THE TAX I. They just have so many holes they've had so many you know I feel for already Marino and and angels management on one level because they've tried so many things that it feels like one of them ought to have worked by now but they're they're still reeling from from the pool. Sign didn't really work. Obviously they got off of Off off the coast our contract but it costs a first-round draft pick essentially and so just they've been playing catchup all in one way or another for for a really. The entire decade really since trout came up and And that has left him in a little bit of a precarious financial position where you know even even with the Astros in the division and even with pretty solid raising as teams Going after the wildcard. I like you could see the path to the playoffs. They just need need. It's for want of a couple good big leaguers and you can get those guys on the free agent market or get those guys and trade market like they don't. It's just going to put them. I'm over the tax. I think that's just the AK- do it but they have to spend and it's it's GonNa be a matter of of willingness I think One thing the interesting interesting thing that that has been coming up. I think Jeff Fletcher of the Orange. County Register's been been beating this drum The angels are pursuing Corey. Kluber in a trade. Those rumors are back. And now we've got a specific destination Miles bad as Corey Kluber Israeli good and if they can get me solves Holds a lot of their problems. I agree with that analysis. Zach Corey Kluber. Yes he's pretty good. I am curious why they would give up for him. Because Joel I don't think would be traded for anyone basically and I'm not sure if the angels have the prospect up up to make that work according to the fan graphs rankings. I'm looking at. They only have one other player in the top one hundred. And he's all the way at seventy four so maybe you know they. They have a lot of position. Players now signed long term contracts. You can deal with some of that depth. I'm just not sure if they have like the top guy to get something like that done one one name. I talked about yesterday and I'm not sure if it's still an option now that they're paying Anthony Don'- but if the RED SOX WANNA get out from under David Price contract I I felt like the angels could be a decent destination there One other name. I'm curious about is Madison Bumgarner. Who We've seen connected to to the other L. A. team the dodgers by? I don't think there have been that many other

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