ABC news radio I'm Jim Forbes the corona viruses claiming dozens of lives as it spreads across China


Several public gatherings have been canceled the Disneyland in Shanghai is closing amid the coronavirus outbreak Brian shook has more the park would normally be packed with tourists for the lunar new year holiday but officials don't want to take any chances and it's not the only business feeling the impact make Donald shut down all of its restaurants in five Chinese cities while three automakers have restricted travel a Nebraska senior care has also suspended service to clients in China health officials compare this to the two thousand three outbreak of sars and say symptoms from the new virus may take up to two weeks to appear Brian shook NBC news radio the debris from Friday's explosion at a Houston manufacturing plant is being treated as a crime scene police have closed off to neighborhoods and say roughly two hundred homes were affected by the blast the explosion killed two workers and knock houses off their foundations up to two miles away there's still no word on what caused the blast and the lead house impeachment manager says the evidence against president trump is overwhelming wrapping up three days of opening statements in trump Senate impeachment trial California Democrat Adam Schiff says the president clearly abused his power and obstructed the Ukraine investigation Schiff said trump remains a threat to the constitution and must be removed from office by the Senate lawyers for trouble start making their opening statements Saturday morning you're listening to NBC news radio investigators are trying to find out what caused the massive explosion at a Houston manufacturing plant

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