What a mess: Predators beat Caps 5-4


Choppy ice let the sloppy play with some weird balances to when the capitals way but the predators prevailed five for scoring twice in the third period Nashville had blown a three one lead the caps bouncing back though on a bounce off the end boards that went past goalie you say sorrows who was there and guess who was there for the layout which is still story Steve this is is the the third third the the cavs tied up when Nick Bonino put the puck in his own net Braden Holtby gave up a short handed goal with his clearing but pass was intercepted the gas going just one for five on the power play coach Todd reared in those I can do better than that those are same things we saw before the break and shows its face again here right away after the break so I'd say it's great chancery address and let everyone know that those problems and go away and you know we gotta get back to work and and fixing them because as a games get higher and higher level of importance those are ones like that will cost you games and we need to learn lessons from the predators have the capitals number they have beat them how eight straight

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