The NASCAR Hall of Fame ready to induct Joe Gibbs and more

The Final Lap


Hey so this weekend had snuck up on us at least it did me twenty twenty nascar hall of fame is inducting some new guys here i've heard of them to bobby labonte joe gibbs tony stewart waddell wilson and buddy baker newest members down this weekend yes j. g. r. triple triple trio there which is pretty cool they're all going together and then what i wilson one of the best engine builders of all time and buddy baker the gentle antle giant a guy who had a lead foot was about seventy five feet tall wound unfortunately but he's not with us anymore and that would have been really really cool to see him up there telling his stories going into the hall of fame so it's really a shame that this happened after he's no longer with us but still cool to see him get the honor rebounds it was and he did get to accept this for his father buck a few years ago as well so we did get to see somebody up there at the at the podium telling some funny stories but man i'm not cool to see him do it this time around

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