The Rest Of The Story: Should college athletes be paid?

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Time now for sports that the Don Don Don Robert Smith remember actually five years ago. Now this is Jacob Goldstein. Speaking you and I did a story. We're the way referred me in the third person when we're sitting right next to each other about the Ncaa College Sports and specifically about should college athletes be paid and even more specifically than that we talked to Ed. o'bannon you remember this. I remember this because Ed o'bannon stumbled upon his own face right young Space in a video game. Yeah he'd been like a star basketball player at UCLA back in the nineties and this is way after that. He's at a friend's house in his friend is like I just spot a video game with you in it and then Ed o'bannon starts watching himself in a video game so weird yeah. He told us what he thought when he heard while whose plan. And you know my friend he says we what's crazy about this. Is You know we pay one hundred dollars or whatever for the game And you didn't see the any of it and you didn't get a dime and you know when he said it I felt like I had been kicked because I was at the time People who were amateur athletes. They had signed up for that. They knew they were not going to get paid for actually playing but this was clearly a use of his image of his likeness in order to make money for somebody else. Yes and so abandoned became the lead plaintiff and like the face of this big federal lawsuit suit right and the lawsuit was arguing. Not that colleges should pay athletes but just that athletes should be able to get paid to like be in video games or endorse shoes or whatever so that was the story. We originally did what happened with that. Case was the athlete sort of one but not really in the end. The courts were like thank. You can get a little more money in scholarships but basically no. You can't get a bunch of money from endorsed. This was when two thousand fifteen was when the appeals court made that finding and and then this year to the California legislature passed a bill that basically said starting in two thousand isn't twenty-three I guess we say twenty twenty three now college students in California would be allowed to be paid for name image and likeness for this thing that Ed o'bannon wanted to be able to get it so they'd pass the bill and the governor of California Gavin Newsom hadn't signed it yet and he went on this. Hbo Show called the shop to talk about it and in particular he was talking about how all the college presidents were calling him on the phone trying to get him not to sign the bill to via the to. It sure what did did they say. What the hell are you doing destroying college? Sports they're saying you destroying the purity of amateurism not once. Did they talk about the needs of these these kids well. They've been listening to you. Will they listen to the other one after. I signed the power arrangement the minute we signed this all of a sudden now now they have to deal with California and then Robert Genius pure stunt have to give it to him right there on the show newsom signed the bill into law now was doing all right I could show business and what they're doing. They know what they're doing. So do we know what the impact of this is GonNa be. I mean it's just one of those like as goes California so goes the nation so the NCAA had unsurprisingly lobbied against this bill they called it unconstitutional. But you know pretty as much as soon as it became law in California of course all these other states especially big football state started considering their bills and a few weeks later in October of this year the board of the NCAA voted unanimously that. They were going to allow students to benefit from their name. Image likeness so we don't know the details but basically Ed ed o'bannon he lost in court but it looks pretty clear that college athletes are going to be able to get paid and when they make the movie. This is the moment when the slow clap starts abandon walking back out onto the court at Pauley Pavilion Maybe a Little Limp Cherries Sands and then on the jumbotron Tron. It's him in the video game and then just cash. Meaning Jacob Gold Steam. Thank you very much for the update. Yes a good one

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