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New Year's Resolutions vs. Goals



Will admit admit. I'm not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions. I'm all for us being the healthiest version of ourselves and all about setting goals for ourselves and and thinking about the new year. As kind of a clean slate as Gretchen Rubin refers to it as in what that means is just. It's something something new right. It's it's kind of starting fresh. We've closed out twenty nineteen and now we've entered twenty twenty and it can feel like a new slate an opportunity opportunity to start afresh so to speak and I'm all for that. I think that's wonderful. I just think with New Year's resolutions frequently what happens. Is there a bit lofty and people can feel overwhelmed by them and their intentions are good. However often times times they struggle to follow through and I also think there's a lot of pressure being placed on one day out of the year? January first is the day when somebody he is going to start completely transforming their life and I just think that that can be a lot of pressure for one day. I think it's great to again to have those goals goals and to recognize what you'd like to do differently and I'm a huge fan that when you have that realization and just start making those changes. Don't wait for a specific day. Just I do it nonetheless. I recognize that at the start of a new year. It's a great time to think about the next three hundred sixty five days ace and think about what you would like to be different. How would you like this year to look differently than last year? So I'm I'm all for making some goals in your life and I would encourage you to sit down and think about. How would you like twenty twenty twenty two look and I really would like for you to take a moment to do this? Not just have it be something that's in your head but actually sitting down and and taking a few minutes to think about. What do you want in twenty twenty? I think it's really easy for us to to go through life mindlessly. Three the little treadmill of life where we get up and we go to work or we take care of the kids and then we come home and we go to bed and we do it all over again and we really lose sight of being vested in our in our lives and being really present in our lives and choosing what we want our lives to look like and I think this would be a Gr- I think there's something magical about twenty twenty it just. I think it's a magical to the number for right. It's going to be a magical year for people and I really want for you to be mindful and to be intentional as you go into this New Year here again. I don't want to put too much pressure on it. I don't want this to to become overwhelming but thinking about it for a moment and like I said sitting down and making awesome notes and saying okay what what do I want to be different in twenty twenty and for example I've heard people say I WANNA be healthier here. That's wonderful although from my perspective it's vague while also being too broad at the same. MM time healthy. My Gosh that could mean all sorts of things right. So what does it mean to be. Healthy is. Eating healthier is Being physically active. Is it getting involved in your community. Is it connecting spiritually. What does it mean to be healthy? So it's breaking that down into something smaller so maybe it would be. I want to eat healthier will again very very broad. What does that mean and vague at the same time? What does that mean to eat healthier? Are you wanting to consume more green vegetables. Do you want to remove dairy. Do you want to remove gluten. What does that look like for you and really think about breaking it into very small steps and pieces taking making changes in our lives particularly if we're really seeking to grow and heal? It's hard work number for one. I mean I say to my clients all the time. The work that they do in my office is the hardest work that they will ever do because the really working on healing as an individual. Well they're not putting a band aid on something they're really seeking to get to the roots of the issues so that they overcome them and they're that they're able to be the healthiest version of themselves. So if you want for twenty twenty to be different what what are those. What are those goals? And then what are the steps going to be to attain those goals so going back. I'm using the nutrition. You all know that I'm nutritionist. Huge to me it's foundational for held. Also I'm GONNA use that. One is the example. If I have someone say I want to eat healthier then I'm going to break that into something smaller and say okay do you are you wanting to. Let's it's. Let's say remove soda from their Diet. So maybe we start with that I that for even maybe for a month. They are replacing one soda soda with one water and then gradually they increase replacing. Two Sodas with two waters in a day and just taking those small steps stops until they're not drinking soda any longer or it could be wanting to remove gluten from their diet and it would start with as they run out of gluten containing foods in their home. They start replacing those foods when they go to the grocery with non including items and then maybe it is they're wanting to consume more greens. So it might be just adding some some Greens to one meal a day and it might be in their in their Their meat eater. Let's say in there preparing their evening dinners. They just add shredded charred to whatever it is that they're preparing I love adding tons of Greens to everything you can especially like if you're making Taco mead or you're making spaghetti meat or stews or Meatloaf you can just shred those Greens in the food processor. Assessor and just add them to whatever it is you're making and they just take on the flavor of whatever you're making so I'm all about all about adding those Greens to everything but maybe it would just be then we start with that and we start adding Greens to one meal a day. Every step forward is a step forward and when we when we start off the new year and we say okay. I'm GonNa you know. I'm going to start eating Paleo and I'm going to start working out five days a week and it's somebody who's been eating McDonalds you know for several meals a week and hasn't worked out ever in their life. They're probably not going to attain that on January first so we need to start with smaller stops and work up to it. I encourage you to think about twenty twenty and think about even it may even if we go beyond behavioral when we think about like physical activity ear nutrition. But think about it with regards to your character who you WanNa be. Who is it that you are striving to be are you somebody who doesn't are you working to be someone who doesn't personalized things that are said to you are you? Are you wanting to be somebody who who is more patient with other individuals. Are you wanting to be more generous with your time with your with your finances even thinking thinking about it from the perspective of who you are and who you WanNa be is another way to think about your goals for twenty twenty.

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