George Van Sunny, Freddie Gray And Israel discussed on Greater Christ Temple


Three eighty four twenty nineteen the year in review today we look at this years top international stories George burns on the reports let me silence he was a political novice known for his comedy but he won Ukraine's presidential election in April it was no laughing matter in July however after congratulatory telephone call with president trump sparked an impeachment inquiry against the US president China remained in economic headlines all your as on going up and down trade negotiations with the U. S. transfixed international markets north Korea's Kim Jong moon was cordial one moment but belligerent the next as he continued to launch sporadic missile test Boris Johnson bolster his majority as Britain's prime minister promising a brexit breakthrough but Benjamin Netanyahu could not secure his prime ministry after two elections in Israel George van sunny reporting news and analysis of town hall dot com Baltimore has another dubious distinction Baltimore has broken its per capita homicide record the city reached three hundred forty two killings on Friday bringing the homicide rate to a historical high of about fifty seven per one hundred thousand people Baltimore as just over six hundred thousand residents after years of saying a population accidents the new rate eclipse that of nineteen ninety three when the city had a record three hundred fifty three killings but was much more populous this is the fifth year in a row the Baltimore has reported over three hundred killings before two thousand fifteen that number had generally been on a decline but reversed after civil unrest followed the death in police custody of a young black man Freddie gray Keith Peters reporting today is Sunday December the twenty ninth and some famous people are celebrating a birthday including actor Jon Voight he is eighty one years old today country singer it Bruce.

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