The Business Behind The Color Of The Year


Today's indicator is Nineteen Dash Forty fifty. Two that is the exact shade of Pantheon's official color of this year classic blue and it had a lot of competition. Pantalone has identified more than twenty three hundred colors. It print them out on its famous color chips in a factory in New Jersey. Pretty the people that work there have special vision tests that ensure their ability to expertly distinguish subtle differences in shade and tone. Laurie pressman is is the vice president of the Pan Tone Color Institute. She's worked there for twenty years. She's been there basically since Pinto unsorted picking out. Its colors at the year. She is a bona fide color expert. So I- astor astor. Radio and color is a color. I asked her to describe classic blue to somebody who could not see it so when we think about classic Blue Tanto One thousand nine hundred fifty two classic blue. If you think about the sky at dusk think about a blue that speaks to the end of the day. It has that that reassuring qualities that we associate with blue. The dependability the stability. Because it's something that we see every day and yet there's a little bit more color depth to it. There's a little bit of a a red undertone but please don't mistake this classic shade to be that Cardigan sweater or that university jacket. Because it's more more modern I was just GonNa say like Navy blue. Yeah I was just GonNa say that. That's a fascinating. Look into the mind of a color expert right. I mean I don't know anything about color As you know card if I were like black and gray basically every day I try to blend in with the pavement but as I was looking at this colored there was something striking about even to my untutored eye. And that was that you know the colors for the last few years have been very vibrant and lively and this one just isn't last caller was called living coral bright and lively In two thousand eighteen there was pretty lavender color your before that was this kind of Kermit. The Frog Green and then they came out with classic blue and I wanted to ask ask her about it because it just looked so kinda Blah yeah this blues like it doesn't seem that young to me. It seems a little Lake Doc. It's the color of my bank card. Now see okay and I say you have to go back to the red. And that's the really interesting I would say taint or undertone or influence to this color so I don't think of it as corporate you know this is not your IBM blue. That's not what this is. This is a really fresh and more vibrant blue so it has all those great things that we love about the blues. The reassurance the calm that we're looking for the confidence inspiring us to connect at the same time. There's an energy I don't know it looks like a bank card to me. Here's here's a sample of the color which Panta sent me so this is printed out on their printers and I am now putting my chase bank card right on top of it. And they're close. I think the chase bank blue is slightly darker but other than that distinct cards more vibrant. I think you're right and it's more metallic I don't know honestly when you I know. Pan Tone has turned and color precision into this multi million dollar business companies from all over the world in all kinds of industries. Actually pay pan tone to help them choose colors for their logos and their spring bring lines and their packaging and their products. Barbie Victoria's secret tiffany schweppes. They have all worked with Pan Tone to develop their signature color color. The year is supposed to be more of a cultural statement though. Panton collects data from all over the world to see what colors are being used and tries to think about why certain colors are becoming more popular. What what are you looking to to get that? It's really product what we're seeing in movies. It's art you know it. All the different materials we see coming through do all the different Focus on different travel destinations and once the color set everybody pays attention. That's according to Regina Blah's check. She is a professor of business history at the University of Leeds. And she's the author of the Color Revolution. She says hand tones color of the year becomes kind of celebrity within the industry. I think antone has made a color into a celebrity for this for this year. I think I think that's what it's about and much like celebrity. Classic blue has some high profile haters a lot of articles of come out saying Classic Lewis Boring and Corporate Regina's. Yes it is and it was really a brilliant choice my lean. Okay okay so I am so interested here because to me it just looks like my bank card like it is. That's what caught your bank card and I think that's the whole point is it. Looks like your bank card. It looks like the IBM I b. m. logo it looks like the binders that are lining up here in my office. It's very safe very safe and very secure and very very familiar. And I think what they're suggesting is that in this era of turmoil that we need to have there is a desire an underlying desire to move towards some stability and that Bankcard blue suggests that stability and it is bankcard blue that will be featured in a million million product meetings all over the world as clothing companies home decor companies carmakers hotels electronics makers and countless other businesses. Consider it in their buying decisions. Any business today Who is concerned with producing products for the consumer is concerned with with the latest color trends? If you're an Taylor or banana republics you WANNA be on trends you WANNA follow the trend and so and and what do you think uh of classic blood you like it. I think it's an interesting color. I like blue. I wear blue and green and pink. Because I'm blonde so works for me. Oh interesting saying okay Do you buy stuff and classic blue. I just bought a classic Blue Blazer. So I'm all set you did is it. And by the way Cardiff Panton does not just consider classic blue a color. It's a whole experience in ambience. They sent a box of like a handled handled. It's like the smell of classic blue and some Jelly that's the taste of classic blue and was also blue and grows Sorry and the feel of classical and they also have the sound of classic blue. It's so here is the song that is supposed to be the sound of classic blue

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