Handle that down market fear is not a strategy


About not to be afraid of a down market but to understand how to handle that down market fear is not a strategy fear is not a strategy that's the reality of this and people that are selling fear right now I'm making a lot of money but we're not selling fear we're talking about education here here's another article to talk about what the market is from ABC news investors could be party like it's nineteen ninety seven that's the last time this market is wrong home here's another radical the this is from this is from Forbes Sergei Klebnikov here's our twenty nineteen turn out to be a historic year for the stock market to the market boomed in twenty nineteen with major indexes hitting numerous record highs as stats posted their best Anya returned six years thanks to the US economy moderate expansion holding steady and renew trade optimism so if you had been one of these programs that so many people talk about that they sell in fear you would have missed out on this market why because those products have restrictions on them if someone selling you something because there is some sort of guarantee on it for you do you think they're exceeding that guarantee are you gonna make it the same as you or they're doing it for free the reality is people put dollars in annuities are indexed universal life for things of this nature and they're saying well I'm safe when you're not safe you're not safe because if there is an inflationary trend if tax scenarios change if you need to get to your money you could be in trouble there's no panacea but there is one opportunity is called education understanding the opportunities and the options that exist in the market is what will create wealth and security for you and your family not buying a product or service that maximizes someone else's income and that tends to be what we see in the market have seen what people been hawking also to products and services for ever lets you some statistics

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