Boris Johnson’s Balancing Act With Trump and Europe on Iran


Been obviously talking about the situation. between America and Iran. And also what implications that has for Britain and for the year and of course. That's all over the papers Particularly here in Britain today. Now you've been caught by the is saying on this. No that's right so this sense of word is the U. K.. Turn right now particularly after the general election in the UK. Boris Johnson inclined towards trying to do a trade deal with Donald Trump yet at at the same time also caught by the. UK's long established position which was to kind of really support bought. The Obama Approach towards Relations with Iran trying deescalate the military the and particularly the nuclear attention. We remember back to that Obama deal. That was the idea that if the If the Iranians sign Lindop to Effectively shutting down their nuclear program Then trade would start to open up again now. You know as you'd be debating baiting earlier Clearly that has been alterly- torn apart by the assassination of the end of last week and the story in the auto talks about the first big diplomatic exchange from the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb and his Iranian counterpart counterpart since last week's events and really is just pointing to this this tightrope that Boris Johnson is walking between supporting and continuing to support for the U. position which supported the nuclear deal Versus kind of weird trump has been moving and I mean it has huge implications for future trade doesn't it huge implications for future trade and there's potentially choice coming for the UK as to whether or not it wants to to back. Its MC oldest longest standing ally in the the shape of the United States or whether or not. It's actually going to continue with a much much multilateral approach and you're right now that's quite difficult to

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