The Rise of Ecofascism


Looking. And how the climate it crisis fuels ECO Fascist ideology and how some of those narratives already exist in mainstream politics. You're listening thing to think sustainability. I'm Julia Cockatiel. So lost time. We defined Eaker Kerr Fascism as the belief in racial purity as the only way to save the planet thus eaker fascists place the wellbeing of the earth nature. HR and animals at the forefront of their ideology and although eaker fascism draws on ideas dating as far back as the nineteenth century the contemporary context specifically the climate crisis has given the ideology. And you edge. Astrid is gone from Gazing at its nive home to a three years ago to the midst of a huge crisis in Tosa Faez and they'd rather than agricultural catastrophes and song. I think we're going to see them. Rise quite dramatically. These ecologically focused Sort of Fascist taught the the end of the wound is coming. We have to cybele solve taught movements. Betsy Hoffman Emeritus Professor of Development Studies at Hampshire College in Massachusetts agrees that apocalyptic narratives the articles spurred on by the climate crisis. Give Echo fascists a new sense of urgency here in the United States. There's a real tendency toward Still toward apocalyptic schism this ECO fascist view. That were you know approaching some kind of major conflagration or the end of the world old especially around climate change now in the environmental movement as we discussed in pot one anti overpopulation specifically by non non Anglo. Nonwhite immigrants is at the core of the fascist argument more extreme ideologies and philosophies will become more and more attractive partly partly because of global warming and And partly because there is a reality associated with population growth. You know that as the world's population grows its capacity to support the number of people Declines this idea of immigrants washing up on the shores of the West. I arriving to destroy new land after the degradation of their own is the common narrative for pated among ECO fascists in the climate crisis these immigrants are known as climate refugees mean. Climate change is bad enough as it is. It's urgent enough is it is is you know you look at the forest fires you can look at Melting ice you don't need to then make it look like all these poor people. In the Global South South are gonNA come across our borders you know a bleak future scenarios of millions and millions of climate refugees roaming across international borders creating havoc climate refugees or environmental migrants those who forced to abandon their homes due to environmental degradation or extreme weather events experts estimate that climate change is likely to displace between one hundred and fifty and three hundred million people by the middle of the century. But Betsy says most of the conversation related to climate refugees is alarmist and misleading are so many people really going to be flooding across borders. Orders most Migration will probably be within countries. Not accost borders. Why is migration happening? Migrations Complex questioned. There is likely to be climate related late in migrating. There already is but it's complicated there. A range of other factors involved in people's decisions to migrate behind the Fascist Lens. Those was occupying the Global South A- causing environmental degradation when in reality those living in poverty being forced to migrate because also the actions of those on the other side of the world

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