So much for winter: Temperature reaches record-breaking numbers in Boston


We're gonna get a reprieve from the winter weather that we would normally see right now in early January today's high in Boston is forecast to hit sixty three degrees and if we had that it'll break a record high of sixty two degrees that was set back in nineteen seventy five right now it's about fifty five degrees I wandered over to the Boston common right now I'm seeing people walking their dogs some people jogging through the park there's no snow on the ground in the park that's and that's a nice added as well no ice to deal with no slippery sidewalks just a wonderful day to get out and you know what tomorrow if you don't make it out today you've got another chance to do to get out again tomorrow we'll see a high forecast at sixty six degrees if we do have that that would break the record of sixty one degrees last reached back in twenty seventeen so great day maybe just to head out to downtown visit restaurant maybe set out on us is the enjoy some sidewalk seating or something but whatever you do if you can try and get out and

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