2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class


Pro football hall of fame I introduce the class of twenty twenty their centennial class and I am pretty diverse group here going in so what Mike let's run through some of these yeah and and some of these are so these guys are before my time so before your time as well some guys we saw a play so let let let's have a couple of these first Paul tag Lee boots and he was the the commissioner who took over for Pete Rosell he was the bridge between Roselle and die and Roger Goodell who we have today certainly the took the baton did a lot of good things for the game for sure yeah I get that now I'm not surprised I guess that he got in considering E. took it to a different level with TV contracts made a lot of money for the game took it into a different era yeah he's one of those it's like why do not in already yeah comic Marvin Miller yeah baseball I was a little bit surprised by that one or is it some other ones Donnie shall and and cliff tires are both a little bit before my time I I read you know I know the teams of Donnie shell played on a wood heater he was for the Steelers teams that were just absolutely spectacular are you know click Harris was a cowboy enough said so those two guys get in our let's run through a couple other ones he Jim covert I remember him with the bears as an offense of linemen I don't remember Bobby Dylan who was a D. back for the Packers Austin Dillon Tate today they made the right call Jack I was a beast yeah okay and we we was on the the body Packers of assuming yeah I'll wait like even before that it was like ten years before the merger all really okay yeah see played like late fifties and into the sixties mid fifties yeah okay all right so don't reach sixties they'll go back a little bit at New York Jets tackle Winston hill not that familiar with him but lions defensive tackle out Alex Karras who was a great player and also went on to be an actor he was in blazing saddles which Mike if you haven't seen it is an all time classic a movie that would never get made today because it's incredibly politically incorrect and he was the father in Webster which one of your favorite TV shows yeah Webster Webster and Bobby don't fill but Alex Karras is also said suspended for an entire season for gambling on football did you know that yeah early sixties yeah I miss the season are Scott Chicago cardinals this it tells you how far back that goes tackle Duke Slater goes into the hall of fame Cleveland Browns wide receiver Max speedy bears defensive and and sprinkle near giants GM George young who I remember he was a he was a guy who was there during the Parcells run when Bella check was it a says that when they had an unbelievable group of assistance there and he drafted very well guys like Phil Simms some guys really under the radar at large Taylor helped really kind of build that team cell George young goes and we know bill Cowher a Jimmy Johnson they they got their surprises on TV this past weekend what do you think of Calar I don't I think ours I don't think he's all famous hourly there I think is like the on this list of qualified to talk about this from worry lines up with my viewing yeah I you know I know he won one he got to another any was there a long time it's a great story because he's he's a Pittsburgh guy grew up there you know all that good stuff but what what's she in for longevity you know I mean I don't know I'm a a are they considering like contributions as a broadcaster to that kid I mean he's not that good only has been doing it that long what is your is on an hour a week yeah exactly yes I know it not look exactly are the interesting thing is that they they're some the hall of fame centennial class was selected by a special Blue Ribbon panel which included hall of fame board selectors league historians hall of Famers and bill Belichick yeah so there were thirty eight finalists were chosen from a list of three hundred nominees over the past five months and the hall of fame class of twenty twenty comprised of modern era players will be selected in Miami beach on February first the day before the Superbowl so you're wondering like the word the wise all these you know older guys well the the guys you probably saw play we you know we'll be getting in that cell that was that's the way that that that check out but shall I do go back to die shell for a minute now and I'll get to the reason why you wanted to do this for for a couple reasons but he's the fifth member of that steel curtain team Joe Greene mean Joe green Jack Lambert Jack ham Mel blunt and now dot a shell goes in from that Pittsburgh team but I am we should probably place for people again which we will little back but one of the coolest things I I heard was the the audio conversation between Harold Carmichael and and David Baker who's the the president of the pro football hall of fame but Carmichael goes and he was at all decade nineteen seventy selection when he retired he held the league record with a reception and a hundred twenty seven consecutive games he had a touchdown reception on almost fourteen percent of his career touches that's awesome any finishes his career with really good numbers in any near where you know again it wasn't like it is today where they pass as much as they did but in a plane thirteen years and really that's a little bit misleading you really play twelve years that thirteen year with the cowboys only played two games but he had almost nine thousand yards seventy nine touchdowns averaged more than fifteen yards per catch he was a stud and from nineteen seventy three to nineteen eighty two no receiver had more receptions yards touchdowns are games played that's pretty awesome do you wonder why it took that long but it was great to see him get and I'll tell you the other guy I mention this before we took time out they get send that never played a down in the NFL yet maybe had more of an impact than any name that we just right off that's the sable what NFL films did for the National Football League what which Steve sable date with his dad add both local guys and of course if you you know NFL films right over there mount laurel what they did to promote the game of football in the sixties when it was no where near the number one sport the country I mean you had baseball you a boxing your college football all ahead of professional football what they did to highlight the game to shine a different spot like to be creative in an artistic with the way that you look at the game utilizing classical music slow motion yeah replays you different camera angles you name it what they did to change the way that people look at the game was nothing short of remarkable and a and it's a shame that it's happened posthumously Steve got to win the Elbe doctors father into the hall of fame at the times the was battling brain cancer but for him to get in I thought was flat out awesome yes not he yeah got it back everything's under the contributions that side you have still to this day yeah I mean he tell me somebody who is more deserving I'm telling you AP is deserving is anybody so the one that I and I know Jodie touched on this when I was coming and I was listening to him and he's dead on about this it's a real shame and I I don't know if it's gonna happen former night I I I really hope it does but it's a real shame that I Joe Klecko didn't get it again this year if if you're not familiar with me you know when you hear Dan Klecko on our air doing eagles post games and and like you work with during the football season a damn good friend of mine but Joe was a great player he's a local guy grew up in Chester went to temple but was a phenomenal player for the jets eat play from seventy to seventy seven to eighty eight and the first Jeez for five years of his career the sac wasn't even cactus that so and he was a guy who literally you could play everywhere he played the tackle he played nose tackle he played defensive end you could move asides yeah you can move in every single place on the football field and all the guy did was the lever and and it's unfortunate because nose tackles indeed tackles are gonna put up monster numbers think about you know a guy like Fletcher **** could have a big game but because he's at being occupied by two tacklers or maybe is not getting a sack he's just he's creating the pressure somebody else gets the sack that happens often times you know but it it but a lot of those years even look like I was playing end they can keep the sack is that in other words like for example I seventy eight he was a defense of an I. seven eighty he was a defense of an eighty one he was a defense of that then he moved more inside your starting in in eighty two eighty three and the rest of his career but I know Gary Myers of Jody had on earlier in his show was a guy who really pushed for kind of the way ray push for for a tiny the Donald you know in a domino kind of pushed we double push for Dawkins yet Dawkins yeah double push for doc hold on which bush for Dawkins Gary Myers push for collect but it's he didn't get a ton of votes in the US and and that's you know probably not a great sign but I hope at some point they come to their their senses and and Joe Klecko gets and but that was that was the one that kind of stood out to me I know you know drew Pearson went on his his harangue about not getting in but that was one that stood out so what what it since we're on this Mike let let's play the Carmichael again so this this is it the audio of the phone call David Baker calling Harold Carmichael and letting him know that after all these years because Carmichael's but after this for a long time after all these years he finally got it my great grandma and to hear that you're gonna have a bronze bust in canton Ohio hello all men you're going to be a member of the centennial class and we're we're gonna tell you and keep your legacy alive forever yeah or what you're talking okay thank you great that's pretty cool I mean I think that's a genuine reaction right there what you got from hell Carmichael and it's it's well deserved you know this isn't just some sympathy vote that this is a guy who deserve to be at and your was ahead of his time in terms of the size and was versatile what could catch a long ball was a great are you know fade end zone alley OOP I could go over the metal versatile could do almost anything and you know play the game at six foot eight we came out of southern a small school and went on to have some great years for short was very good the playoffs still had amazing career so happy

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