Report: Browns Request Permission To Interview Josh McDaniels About Head Coaching Vacancy


Coaching news out there. If you haven't seen it this morning Pat Shurmur it has been let go from the New York giants but the giants have also let us know that Dave gettleman will remain as the GM so we know that that's happening. We're also starting starting to hear some of the names names of people that are being requested for interviews. Adam schefter pointed out the Cleveland. Browns have requested permission to interview a Josh mcdaniels. We knew that they've also requested permission to interview Ravens. Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman for their head coaching vacancy. So that's one there. They can take care of that interview now in fact because the ravens have a bye week it gets a little. It'll trickier with Josh mcdaniels. Who appears to be a hot candidate for several different teams? He is on the list of candidates for the giants. He's on the list of the the candidates for the the Browns as well as you and for the

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