Ravens run all over Steelers with backups to win 28-10


We have reached the end of the regular season a twenty nineteen it's on to a new season and a new decade after a bye week for the ravens they now turn their attention to the post season as the top seed the north is not enough for this franchise they have their eyes set on playing in the Super Bowl in Miami in February and ten ninety W. B. A. L. the ravens carry a twelve game winning streak into the AFC divisional round after twenty eight ten dropping of the Steelers Baltimore's first touchdown followed by a fumble by Steelers rookie quarterback Delbert Hodges and that was it twenty eight ten ease your own final so Pittsburgh out and that really happen with the Titans win anyway the ravens are the top seed they get the buy in their head coach John Harbaugh focused on playoff mode the best team in football in the regular season this year no doubt about that but that doesn't count for anything in the next season and the next season we've got to go obviously go to work this week and become a better football team and get ready for whoever opponent isn't a divisional game here so that's what we'll do next but just taking a minute to look back tonight could be more proud of these players twenty more Prodi's coaches were Jordan pleasures we were too into state was made in the locker room that we'll find out what

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