Bowden's late TD pass lifts Kentucky past VTech 37-30


Everyone knows Lynn Boden can beach with his legs but it was his arm to put the final dagger in Virginia Tech as Kentucky won the ball ball thirty seven thirty Boden engineer to eighteen play more that eight minute fourth quarter drive that ended with Boden hitting Josh alley on a thirteen yard touchdown pass with fifteen seconds to go to give the Wildcats a one point lead it was a drive that couldn't have gone any better for coach mark stoops when you have a quarterback run game if you have four down to stay ahead of the chains then work hard to stop and so I was taking a long drive there we we had a shot you know early we're thinking about a shot play but again I had confidence that we could drive down and get it in there Boden also rushed for two hundred and thirty three yards and two touchdowns to Sean Buckley's led the Hokies with a hundred twenty six yards rushing and a touchdown indeed hooker threw for a pair of TV's brick melon Charlotte

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