Effortless French-Girl Hair at Home with Frédéric Fekkai


Frederick Guy I have known no new forever. You're one of the most famous haired Gurus ever and we're so excited to have you On our podcast and we have so many questions for you the first one is like how did it start. Did you always love hair like where did your where did it come come found. Thank you gene for this wonderful introducion. Thank you Megan. Well you know it's it's interesting I was not. I didn't even know about here until late. I was really interested about design sculpture. Painting addicted to all of this semester tick was more about shape and forms Sta and then look enough. I got introduced to hand makeup when I was doing some modelling jobs back. You know what I was student. Yeah and that's how I discovered this world of Hass tatting beauty. I mean he was bigger uh and this is what is was one for is that I was introduced to not just hey. I was introduced to a world of beauty of fashion of of style and that that was the most exciting part of this. Oh how did you get into hair from that. This amazing Harrison makeup artist said to me. You know you feel like you aboard in Las our law school and you you WanNa Change. You know told him my story that was accepted at define out school in Paris. Call Bozarth my dad. You don't want me to good ass or hours as lawyer exactly so upset so she says so. Why don't you come to Paris and Helped me a little bit on the side. You make some money you go back to school. And that's it so I did. And and then she said my God. I really love what you do. You don't did you do this and say well I never thought about it and F- great and I said why not so. I quit the idea of going to two and half dozen assistant and then I met some of the most amazing talent and walked for Great Salon Company in France coach actor so amazing. And that's how I came to New York. You came to New York with Jacques to disarm to solve exactly wait and then how did you get to to you being the head of the biggest salon in New York. It's interesting and that's an advice. I give to my Mike Peers and friend is that you know you need to be curious. You need to be willing to do things and you know and I was always never content with weather. Had we wanted to know better so I was walking on every level. I was doing fashion show. I was doing photo shoot. I was doing Movies I was trying to do everything to to learn and by doing so I became a quite of a rare commodity eighteen hair because I was wanted. The only one who could do had on his to do as well in Salon. Usually usually studies stylized are mostly studies in studio and they don't know how to cut hair knew how to great to do great styling amazing but heading ha is not what they do because they never do so by doing. Both I became a Unicorn so would I have and the press of course loved it because I was births addressing the cheese supermodel and Regular client yeah and you're down to take a risk. Probably exactly a huge part and also you know the fact that I was doing hair for us for our normal count so I could give great guidance at could also get great feedback from customer on what product to us how to do. What is that concern? Is it caller. Is it a hair loss. Is it Strengthening is freeze. And that's how I developed my half my airline. Well I remember one of my first articles for L.. Jillian years ago was to they assign me you know I needed to. I had to go to your salon. The top of Bergdorfs and watch you you and a few of the other stylus for the day and write the story of what was happening and what struck me and I just I'd never i. I'd never seen anything like it was the way that you saw people and I saw all these different kinds of people come in you know young the old men women and there was this moment where you would see them and really look at them and I felt like you know you looked at them and figured about what was beautiful about them and then the work you did enhanced that beauty and I always tell people the difference between a good hair person or makeup person or any thing. Is You know if if they come in saying oh I know what you need. You know. You've you've done it all wrong. They're not looking at you and trying to see what's beautiful full about you and but I you know it was the way people even came alive when you looked at them you know and just took in who they were before you did anything anything and then you know the haircut would be magic. I mean I really watched people transform how did like was that something that you always had or did you develop it as you were cutting hair and understanding how to do it. I think the fact that festival learn sculpture painting and all this helped me but also to me it. The two lessons are give to to my colleagues. My appears is that listen first of all you have to be a good listener. Who you know? Don't put your ego in front with your ideas you know. I'm sure so. You have a lot of ideas but who cares now. Listen and observe use your is to really look at your doc. Client your model. Look at the height. Look there be D- their body language. Look at their proportion. Make shoot. That sings makes right mixed story so touched the hair found out what type of textual it is. What so because what? What is a great hairstyle? A great how is when when the volume the shape of the hair. The lent sits on your on your silhouette an enhanced your seat wet. It's not like Oh my God. It's a twin because there's a bank. Yeah it's everything is how her moves. How what volume what color you know? So it's a puzzle. Few pieces of that needs to be right to call the land the volume the texture. You know and all of this if you listen watch and then you apply. You usually have a great success. There's so much intuition on your apart though other pieces the person right like what what they are like and yeah looking at them and move its observation. John is you need to have some knowledge. You need to have some what I call. You need to have to store in your Mind Library of ideas when you have those collaborative ideas then you can see what would make sense a busy Sunday like a face where conditions that. That's your solution as you as you said you've had many salons and and you've worked on many hair care lines and you've seeing the difference that like product makes. How important is you know? Even something like shampoo compared with a cut compared with a color or is it a say it's just all you know it's so important that beauty general is when you are taking care of yourself and you know what what to do so it is so important that you know what type of shampoo you have. What commissioner and how so also wanting important? The people are misled. You don't need to shampoo your hair every day for everybody. Some people do some. Don't in fact it's sometimes it's better to not but it is also very important to not put too much shampoo on your hair out. Just use the shampoo directly. SCALP MYSELF SCAB and don't took shampoo on your hair because the shampoo from this Cup glide down and cleans the hair and Sola needs. You don't need to pull it all. Aw is that you don't need. And then you also do not need to commissioner on top of your hair you food you too from the ears down and that's all you need because the roots here don't even need commission so well. Yes because when it's close to this cop up to here is much more condition even dry hair dryer so would three inches of the roots brealey. Yes try getting it. From the oil is a Ha- that's the whole thing has so many systems. Yeah she's got she's got to wear a reason with cold water and all of this story or make exactly it makes hair shiny mix mix to hear the cold thing I keep thinking it's like the Wim Hof every part of the body

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