No sign of end to standoff over Trump impeachment trial


And now to the impeachment debate here in Washington the Senate Republican leader is accusing house speaker Nancy Pelosi and what he is calling shamelessly game playing those comments from senator McConnell came after the speaker again stated she does not plan to send articles of impeachment of the Senate until seeing proposed rules for trial a president trump the continuing standoff between the speaker and the Senate Republican leader focusing on the president's conduct toward Ukraine comes as the president addressed the nation on the hostilities with Iran a crisis that is now over shadowing the impeachment drama from the Senate floor Republican John Thune of South Dakota but as a very straightforward process one as I said that met with the approval of all one hundred senators both Democrats and Republicans back in nineteen ninety nine the Clinton president is seems to me at least to be a fair way in which to proceed and and won that Senate Republicans have agreed to move forward with soul if and when the house Democrats under speaker Pelosi determine that they are ready to send those articles over here seems like maybe they're waiting for something to rescue what I think is an otherwise fairly weak argument that they have to make but when those articles arrive here we will have a process in place in which to move forward and and and get this trial under way in the Senate and hopefully hear the arguments and at some point in I hope in the not too distant future I conclude this and get it behind us in on to the work that the American people I think sent his here to do obviously there is an election coming up in November the first of all we'll start being cast just a few weeks from now in the state of Iowa and New Hampshire and other states followed very closely on by super Tuesday so the election process is already under way and I think that is the means by which most Americans believe we ought to deal with our leadership and in a democratic system of government we have the opportunities people to express our opinions and the voice argues in that manner and I would hope that that is where we can settle these political differences industries that we have that from Republican John Thune of South Dakota on the Senate floor the hill newspaper reporting a democratic senators are quote growing impatient over the delayed start of the impeachment trial some saying it's time for speaker Pelosi to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate in fact this from democratic senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut telling The Washington Post yesterday quote I think the time is past we should send the articles over reacting to all of that the house democratic caucus chair Hakeem Jeffries of New York sorry say has no the resolution going to like what do you gain by waiting for one of our as speaker has consistently indicated it's very difficult for her to determine who would be appropriate impeachment managers to present the house's case in the absence of understanding the rules of engagement and what the contours of a trial would look like beyond of course chairmanship and chairman Nadler who one would think we're going to be logical choices and participants to lead the effort but what we have seen over the last several weeks all the additional disclosure of documents that continue to highlight that the president did abuse his power by targeting an American citizen for political gain while withholding intentionally three hundred and ninety one million dollars in military aid from a vulnerable Ukraine additional documents subsequent to the speaker's decision to hold the articles have come out that's a gain in terms of information to the American people and we've also seen during this period of time that a critically important potential witness John Bolton has said he will testify if subpoenaed John Bolton had direct communication with the president about this sordid matter and abuse of power and we know from testimony from doctor Fiona hill characterize this whole scheme as a drug deal and the president's main operative Rudolph Giuliani as a hand grenade that from democratic congressman who keen Jeffries part of the house democratic leadership in this note regarding the house California governor Gavin Newsom today saying that he will not call for a special election in the district held by resigning Republican congressman Duncan hunter saying that we received his letter of resignation based on the timing a special election will not be called Duncan hunter officially steps down next Monday after pleading guilty to charges of campaign finance

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