Aid withheld 91 minutes after Trump call with Ukraine president



Democrats a newly obtained White House emails provide more insight into president trump's dealings with Ukraine the White House communications show the order to withhold military aid came minutes after president trump and the Ukrainian president hung up the phone in July ABC Serena Marshall reports from Washington just in ninety one minutes after the now infamous phone call between president trump and Ukraine's president Michael Duffy a senior official with the office of management and budget email the Pentagon to please hold off on that funding to Ukraine requesting they keep it quiet Duffy is one of the four witnesses to Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has said he wants to hear from during the Senate trial the one hundred and forty six pages of heavily redacted emails were obtained by the center for public integrity following a federal judge's ruling a US service members serving in Afghanistan has been killed in action the Taliban claimed responsibility saying US and Afghan forces were ambushed the US military reports that a US service member was killed in Afghanistan on Monday but no details are available about the circumstances of the service member's death twenty Americans have been killed in combat in Afghanistan this year making two thousand nineteen the deadliest year for U. S. troops in that country since two thousand and fourteen president trump is considering reducing the number of American troops in Afghanistan from thirteen thousand to eight thousand six hundred though no decision has been made we Martinez ABC news Washington our our Chinese president she's in pain welcome south Korean president merging into Beijing today for meetings on the freeway summer with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Ave SO three Asian powers are expected to discuss regional tensions running trade security in North Korea and new satellite image of a factory where North Korea makes military equipment used to launch a long range missile shows the construction of a new structure and just reported this hour Saudi state TV says the kingdom is handed down five death sentences and the death of columnist this is ABC news from Kelly Blair with the top local stores from from the the the como como como twenty twenty twenty four four four seven seven seven news news news center center center of of of rail rail rail service service service between between between Seattle Seattle Seattle and and and Portland Portland Portland won't won't won't be be be resuming resuming until until today today it it was was shut shut down down on on Friday Friday after after much much like like cover cover the the tracks tracks south south of Tacoma contract plan to resume service by Sunday afternoon but that was changed to Monday the land side left mud that was fifty feet wide and three to four feet deep on the track the crash that left one person dead shut down I five for several hours and troopers believe racing on the freeway led up to that crash the state patrol says around two thirty Sunday morning a car crashed on northbound five a two thirty six and not like terrorism went up in flames investigators say twenty eight year old Randy better ten was speeding when he side swiped another car and slammed into a concrete bridge he said he died in the crash and wasn't wearing a seatbelt and a fun it's been set up for fall in Pierce county deputy Cooper Dyson who died in a car accident on his way to help fellow deputies Friday night donations can be made online using a credit card or PayPal ATP crime stoppers dot com here's your triple a traffic at the Smith in the como traffic center we have some road work going on overnight overnight on on highway highway ninety ninety nine nine this this is is in in both both directions directions between between away away notice notice street street and and one one forty forty fifteen fifteen expect expect to to see see up up to to two two lanes lanes in in each each direction direction closed closed through through that that stretch stretch meanwhile meanwhile working working us us weather weather closures closures West West Valley Valley high high we we still still closed closed in in Pacific Pacific between between third third and and alleys alleys and and and and also also in in the the highways highways and and closed closed between between older older cut cut off off road road and and one one six six one eight due to a landslide haven't Smith couple twenty four seven traffic primarily cloudy skies expected across western Washington overnight into your Monday early this morning Los tumble to the upper thirties and low forties highs on Monday range in the low to mid forties certainly keep the jacket with use you're asking about in the lowland rain is expected to be one still dealing with potentially with a little bit about extra features of winter white probably over the past a county the couple at the center for the first time in seven tries the Seahawks lost to the Arizona Cardinals in Seattle failing twenty seven to thirteen shop now let it for but can still win the NFC west tied up next week if the forty Niners that came flexed his Sunday night for the division championship customers basketball the dam and classical repair St eighty five to sixty four G. McDaniels twenty two quite a green twenty one ideas two or nineteen points ten boards sport to ten ten forty forty past past the the hour hour on on the the home home of of the the Huskies Huskies I'm I'm Dave Dave Lewis Lewis come come on on news news there's there's news news we're we're on on a a breaking breaking news news we we have have a a massive massive response response from from Seattle Seattle fire fire department department corner this contrasts with the stay connected stay informed with the north west on the all news station this is common news summation is power everything you need to know before you get to work the call more morning news with Greg Hirsch old and manufacture on komo news one thousand seven ninety seven seven Cologne news dot com trading the more give you mornings a remix for the delicious new beyond sausage sandwich from Dunkin it's a tasty beyond meat sausage Patty with Agassi's all on an English muffin that's ten grams of great tasting plant based protein grades wait it's plant based yeah it's web based and it tastes great yeah Dr beyond sausage sandwich it's a whole new way to start the day America runs on Dunkin the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life Jack's son come home with me visit the secret panda Delage sleep like a pampered eat like up and I knew I was meeting up to my potential it's not always easy being a dad but it's always worth it let me the job take time to be a dad today thanks dad call eight seven seven four dead for one one for his father who died to learn more brought to you by the US department of health and Human Services and the ad council is first light on komo news which is Monday morning but if you don't tell tell anybody anybody I I I won't won't won't either either either so so so good good good day day day generic generic generic morning morning morning to to to you you you Michael Michael Michael for for for scandal scandal scandal here here here with with with first first first life life life from from from Westwood Westwood Westwood One One One news news news in in in Washington Washington Washington Christmas Christmas Christmas is is is almost almost almost here here here so so so I I I guess guess we we have have to start checking to see who's naughty or nice we're not sure just yet which north Korea's Kim Jong hoon is going to be naughty or nice so we'll be focusing on what he's coming up coming right up it will take you back to Washington where the impeachment drama is entering yet another phase this morning the forecast for making dolls happy kids maybe not so much in sports the NFL playoff picture is coming into focus and if you saw Saturday Night Live over the weekend you know Eddie Murphy was back to host after thirty five years and we'll find out when and all of that is a lot but it's only some some of of what what is is ahead ahead in in our our first first half half hour hour on on first first light light this this morning morning seven seven minutes minutes past past the the hour hour we've we've got got a a full full house house and and studio studio twelve twelve this this morning morning associate associate producer producer Cathy Cathy Johnson Johnson producer producer David David oseola oseola audio audio wrangler Alex Hinton all on the other side of the glass here so a new satellite image of a factory where North Korea makes military equipment used to launch long range missiles is showing the construction of a new building in that comes amid concerns the north could launch a rocket or missile as it tries to get concessions and no stall talks with the United States Kevin Haining has more on that including word that former national security adviser John Bolton is critical of how president trump is handled him North Korea has threatened to give the U. S. Christmas gift and follow those remarks with more tests at its missile sites which satellite photos show our being expanded correspondent will Ripley does not necessarily expect leader Kim to order any aggressive action right now so my source says of the north Koreans are going to do they're going to kind of take a step back take a wait and see approach continue to remind the world that they have this nuclear capability and I wouldn't rule out a launch by the way in twenty twenty they've already gotten the effect that they want around Christmas time which is lots of western media talking about the possibility of the of a large why would they need to go through with it now when they can maybe save it for an even more vulnerable time closer US election perhaps John Bolton told ACSI owes he doesn't think the White House really means it when president trump pledges to haul dictator Kim Jong own from nuclear weapons development or it would be pursuing a different course boat we are now nearly three years into the administration with no visible progress toward getting North Korea to make the strategic decision to stop pursuing deliverable nuclear weapons close quote time is on the side of the proliferator Bolton told ACSI owes the more time there is the more time there is to develop test and refine both the nuclear component and the ballistic missile components of the program still the senior military commanders say the US is ready for whatever Pyongyang might do Evan hating reporting for first light by the way we will be going live to Seoul South Korea later this morning for a closer look at what the north is up to it's nine minutes past the hour now and they are heavily redacted but newly released emails give more of a time line about the White House efforts to hold back hundreds of millions of dollars in military funds to Ukraine last summer Bob Costantini reports Democrats would like to hear from one of the key participants in those email chains Michael as you might expect the trump White House is urging Americans to not read too much it these newly disclosed emails the center for public integrity obtained one hundred forty six pages of White House emails focusing on the office of management and budget Mike Duffy who worked in the area of national security funding wrote the Pentagon asking officials there to hold off on sending military aid to Ukraine just ninety minutes after president trump had the impeachment focus phone call with Ukraine's voluminous landscape the transcript as Mr trump asking for a favor mentioning Joan hunter Biden and theories about Ukraine helping Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen Duffy also mention to the withholding of the two hundred fifty million dollars be kept quiet quote given the sensitive nature of the request Mike Duffy is one of four witnesses Democrats want to call it a Senate impeachment trial the new email disclosures prompting Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer urge even just a handful of Republicans to think about what he believes the nation needs to hear the questions Democrats want answered there's nothing wrong with withholding the eight why didn't Mr Duffy want anyone to know about what he was doing it this is a perfect conversation why are they trying to hush it up the only be spokeswoman calls focusing on one line of the email without context misleading and inaccurate speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi is withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate demanding to know how the trial will proceed president trump speaking into Saturday conservative students meeting near is more like a home with a new nickname crazy so now he says you know she has no okay so let's not submitted she sings about witnesses are stalled and on hold for the holidays our thanks to Bob Constantini reporting from the White House it is now eleven past the hour and coming up a devore cast only a parent could love the latest on the NFL playoff picture heading into the final week of the season I'm 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