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They got a ton of money from Softbank at at the same time that Softbank made a huge investment in Uber. Although much of that was buying out existing shareholders who number. But I never thought that that would it happened. And the reason is that usually when softening has more than one option. Let's say and food delivery though threaten threaten a company that they will go invest in you know their competitor in order to get the deal done. So they'll they'll they'll say to somebody. Hey if you don't take our money if you don't take our money we'll give it to lift right so when because the the Softbank Strategy Strategy is essentially our money is the is the game changer like we it will reach. We will shift the center of gravity to the company invested in because we pumped so much on there. That was the flawed thesis at the time. I didn't take that seriously six. Oh why would they invest in cash if they invest breeds which is bigger and has all these apparent advantages but they did both did both deals which is a huge surprise. A huge letdown for Uber. which lobbied very hard dark Costa shy the? CEO of Oubre tried to kill that deal and failed to do it so

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