French workers need to work until age 64 to get full pension


Demonstrations of grip France in recent days ahead of planned changes in the country's pension system today France's prime minister Eduard Philippe reveal details of the plan aimed at among other things simplifying what some have labeled the Byzantine system to make it easier for people to change jobs and to go where the work is the B. B. C.'s Hugh Schofield in Paris says the French prime minister today stock to a core reform to try to unify forty two systems were some workers have especially sweet pensions and others have the bad ones they will he said be one universal system in which every year contributed it brings the same pension pay back but the prime minister said that the introduction would be very gradual with those born before nineteen seventy five not affected a toll an inmate is entering the workplace in twenty twenty two having that pensions in Charlie calculated under the new system key professions like teaches you being at the forefront of the protests received assurances that their pensions would not go down but Edward Philippe also said that in order to finance pensions it was inevitable that people would have to work longer and though the legal retirement age of sixty two would remain in practice people would have to work till sixty four to get that full pension rights that cools will not be pleasing to the striking unions France's new pension system would apply to workers entering in twenty twenty twenty twenty

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