Samsung is Z FLIPPING out... and so are we


Last week was not the heaviest heaviest news week. There were a lot of leaks in particular of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy. S Twenty s twenty plus as twenty ultra and By golly There are so many leaks of this phone that we're going to see in basically a week and I'm sure that everyone's really excited for it so I don't blame anybody for really going into the lakes and trying to get as much information as they can before unpacked But I'm going to be there in just over a week. Actually in San Francisco which is where unpacked. Is this time time but it seems that everyone else is just trying to get as much information as possible. I like to be surprised at these events. Actually trying my best not to look too far into into them a night anymore that I need to especially for the content that all eventually be making about the phones and it doesn't look like we're going to have to wait too long after unpacked to get our hands on the twenty s especially as consumers are able to preorder the phones right now like. Apparently there's already a page for people to start pre ordering an s twenty s twenty all trust when plus but we don't even really have concrete evidence of what the prices are going to be. The work of few tweets again little leaks from various places a couple of people said that t mobile representatives lives. Were telling them that it is going to start at nine thirty nine at a thousand dollars. That's the s twenty these smaller version. And then it's going to go up from there and any nine for the plus eleven ninety nine four the S. twenty Oltra so while we were all looking forward to phone starting to lower their price points insight as time went on it is that will be the case. And I'm actually not too surprised by this personally if this is the case because the note ten light and the S. Ten light are things like they are in existence and I wouldn't put it past Samsung to still go for the very high premium price price points on their flagship phones. And later on they're gonNA make like a s twenty lights. That's why I found it interesting. That even though the ten and the s ten e were interesting phones in in and of themselves even though everyone went for the ten plus generally That was the review units that we all ended up getting after all But yesterday was one of those phones that everyone was like really into because it did something a little bit different and it was more affordable. Now we don't get an S.. Twenty e we just get a regular s twenty then they went ultra with like the the crazy big version version of the phone That said later on. That's entirely possible that we're going to end up seeing something like an S. twenty light and honestly that's one thing that I'm really hoping to get my hands ends on pretty soon. Is the light models we did see them for a little bit at. CAS by even Samsung themselves are kind of being withholding when it comes to a release information on those this particular phones if I were to check real quick right now a lot of stories about the light models still don't have any price or release date information. The only thing we really know right now. Is that the headlight. Models have started to come up in India so that is kind of cool. That's something that literally happened at the beginning of this week which again. I'm happy that I kind of waited After this past Super Bowl weekend I'm not gonNA talk about the Super Bowl but that's what this past weekend was. I'm happy that I waited through the weekend before I did this. Episode because It's not that I knew there was going to be news coming out over the weekend but it just felt like the topic. I wanted to talk about on this episode from last week. kind of a heavy once. I wanted to give it some time and see what pieces of news. Mike come out that I have some opinions on and there was the Samsung Galaxy Z.. Flip was leaked on a video. Now this this is really interesting and is it is how going to lead this episode. Because I'm sure a lot of you want to hear some thoughts about these particular phones. The flip phones the smart flip phones the foldable. Whatever were you WANNA call them and as excited as I am for something like the Z flip and I know a lot of people out there are really jazzed about this form factor? One thing that I find interesting is that the foldable market seems to be so nizhny and while we were so excited for it from the galaxy full to the main ex To the to the modal razor which is starting to get into people's hands around this week and then finally them the Samsung Galaxy Z.. Flip which might be at unpack next next week. We're not too sure yet. It will be cool if it was or if it is What I find interesting is add the foldable foreign factor? Kind of dictates whether or not it's Ultimately useful so the types like the mate ex and the galaxy. Fold those make perfect sense from from a usability standpoint. Now I get that the screen on the galaxy fold is it's still not ideal the outer screen when you have the phone folded onto itself. I get that that screen is not really ideal but you do get a little bit of usability on there still and then when you open it up you you get a full screen that is bigger than what you would normally get on a smartphone. This is nothing that's new to anybody. I know a lot of people out. There are still opining over the the galaxy fold because what they really want is that larger screen form factor. That is possible that makes perfect sense to me but there's something that the clam shell. SMARTPHONES are starting to the show That might be their undoing. There are some Videos and pictures from maxine back over at X.. Da He's been running around just like he's been one of the main catalyst for Alavi leaks for Samsung phones for next week by the way he has also been just sort of running around and messing around with a lot lot of different phones especially the ones that are coming right now And he has a quite a bit of insight on all of this stuff in particular He went to take a look at a modal. Razor and uh-huh it's bold of this particular store to have put the motor razor on a stand Not just behind glass but like a demo unit that was there and that thing was destroyed Loyd and not only because people probably didn't know how to properly handle a phone like that with a screen that even moto themselves said has a bit of a bump to it or Bumps rather to it. There might actually be creases and curves to it because that's just the nature of the rather flexible display. They have on there Well I guess people were. We're just like digging their fingernails into it enough that eventually the screen just started to peel off and it just got really bad. The fact Motorola is even warning people about how to use the device. Outright doesn't bode well for that particular. Form factor now. The Motor Razor was exciting. It's still is and I would love to try it on myself. Early reports are not all that favourable at the moment especially considering that a phone like this with a twenty five hundred million power battery and The fact that has a flexible display mean that some some of the flagship phone experiences that a lot of us are. Let's just say use to. I don't want to say that we're all spoiled or anything. But we're all kind of used to these flagship phone experiences. Green says it's just not going to be the case in the razor. The specs are not really up to par. In that case the processor's not super powerful. The battery goes out in like three or four hours of screen time at the most host and then of course the screen is something you Kinda have to. You have to baby it a little bit. I do give the motorise or a little bit of credit because it has the screen on the cover which still allows you to do a few things especially when it comes to notifications. Maybe you can think of it. Like a smartwatch. Just on the outside of a phone perhaps But even though it gives you a little bit of of that connectivity and that type of usage you still need to open the phone in order to do literally anything else. And that's the reason why I might be a little bit skeptical all despite my excitement over the galaxies Z.. Flip see I actually have a lot of faith in Z.. Flip that it's not going to have the same problems as the modal razor at least problems that are. It's kind of conjecture but it's kind of clear that some people are having issues with build quality on those and if Modo has to come out and say it themselves well I mean that kind of is a precursor to a lot of stuff. Samsung on the other hand already went through their problems and when they sent out the original galaxy fold to a lot of people on his start to break. They addressed all of those issues. I got to see myself the updated version of the galaxy. Fold yes it did seem to be a sturdier device and a lot of the stuff was addressed so I imagined agenda that same level of thought is going to be put into the Galaxy Z.. Flip and that means. It's going to be a sturdy device but the form factor alone is more novel than it is useful useful in my opinion. See what the galaxy fold. You're not gonna like the outside scream but at least you can use it in that way. And then if you're just really into those big screens or if you just want I want to see how applications will start to adhere to the tablet form factor. More well then you have a tablet in your pocket easier to pocket and literally any other tablet in existence but the Z.. Flip is a smaller version of a current smartphone and were also used to having smartphones already That just being able to fold it down down is novel. It is useful from a USABILITY standpoint. But it doesn't necessarily add to its usability now. Don't get me wrong I know that probably Lee. Some people that I know and including Rodriguez or probably screaming at their Their audio systems right now. I mean because obviously one of the reasons why this form factor you were so important is because there are people out there who want to have smaller devices in general and then it'll become something like our current smartphones When they needed to be? That's it's perfectly fine. It's the same concept that I just presented with the galaxy. Fold where that person wants something. Bigger a tablet a big viewing experience and then they can use it when and they want to it's on demand It's just kind of funny to me. The two different ways of looking at foldable as this is an interesting dichotomy that we're starting to see right now. And the Z flip is going to further that at least in the case of deflate. You're not gonNA have as many problems as what the modal Razor Potentially the Z.. Flip is going to be as expensive though and I'm not looking forward to that but I can almost forgive it a little bit more because the galaxy fold has proven That there is some demand for that phone and the price point is not going to stop certain people I mean. Just look at any any of our friends on the tech twitter sphere and a lot of them have actually put on their own money to get the galaxy

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