An Appointment With Dr. Cline



Three to four years ago both of my children and I were diagnosed with a genetic condition. I I also knew that I'm a carrier for a genetic disease. That is prevalent in Ashkenazi Jews. Forber Kramer's sin in her twenty three meek it for health reasons. She got a results back in June of Twenty nineteen. I looked through the medical history no surprises and and then I opened the DNA relative section. And said I had twenty three or twenty four DNA relatives and it listed them all. I also had a message from someone named Jacobo Ballard saying she was sure I was confused by my results. If I had any questions questions feel free to contact her. Allie didn't think much of it. She's not Jacobo. Worked for twenty three and me and that the relatives she saw were just mistake. G kind of forgot about it months past then on December ninth. Twenty nineteen an episode of Dr Phil Aired Fertility. Doctor who fathered nearly early seventy children is warning his secret offspring to keep quiet it was titled Dna Drama Fertility Doctors. Secret Children. Ask some of the people you heard on this podcast. Join Dr Phil to talk about their experiences. One of them was Matt White immediately. Knew that I was going to be a part of this because as you look just like me. Allie didn't catch the show. When it aired she recorded and on December twelfth? Her daughter was sick from school. They curled up in bed to watch it as it started and the four adult children of Dr Klein came out. The first name was to COPA. Ballard you and I laid there and just said Oh my God I recognized the name and I reached for my phone an open my twenty the three and me account all four of the siblings on stage were listed as my

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