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Coronavirus Affects Bottom Line For Businesses In U.S. Chinatowns


If you happen to swing by new. Golden Gate Seafood Restaurant in Boston's Chinatown. And you might be confronted with the worst sound. You could possibly here in the restaurant. Business Silence on this week night. Not a single customer insights insight after Chinese New Year. Normally really busy may Deng. Is the cashier here. Not should be at least long fight table or something like that at least but instead. Deng walks through a dining room. That's empty that is except for a server who sitting at a table with his head in his arms and appears to be sleeping C. C.. The awake jello couple was Mesa Zuma dividends. She says no customers. So there's no work to do right so you see. That's really really slow. Other shops on the block. Also say the normal flow of customers has evaporated especially after recent news that a Boston man who traveled from Wuhan China was the state's first confirmed case of corona virus in similar scenes playing out in chinatowns in San Francisco. Houston based in New York. Fear of the virus is a drag on business cross. The street things are a little better at a restaurant and bakery called great taste. There's a small crowd and among them a guy named Steven Chen. Do you come here a lot. Yeah this is my restaurant. The Sierra Sierra restaurant Owning the place channel so heads up. Boston's Chinatown Business Association. The owners warring people is worry because early one. Like if I have no business I have to lay off some employees right. Tens worried about history repeating in two thousand three when a different corona virus called. SARS breakout an Asia. A lot of people stopped coming to the neighborhood. The mayor had to hold the publicity lunch to urge people to come back and this time. Chen says he's lobbying. The city to make a similar show fate because a lot of people Chinese and non Chinese. They seem afraid he says. Just look around at all. The people wearing face masks asks no. I don't like that because then you think is say. Stay home right do you. Scaring the people. There has been a lot of uh-huh fear around the novel. Krono virus and we need to be aware of these fears and not let them get the best of us. That's Dr Jennifer Low Medical Michael Director for the Boston Public Health Commission right now in Boston. The risk of getting the flu is significantly higher end. She says the flu is everywhere. Everywhere you could get it at work at the store at school. If you have kids you could get it from them so we should be afraid of kids. Is that what you're saying you know. That is not what I'm saying. I think I think just getting the Children Our Future. The point is if you live in the US right now your chance of getting. The Corona virus is extremely Kareem Lee. Low whether you're in a chinatown or not may at New Golden Gate Restaurant hopes customers hear that message and start coming back. So it's really difficult. I I hope that turns around can come to an end to enjoy if they don't there may be a lot more slow nights like this one

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Coronavirus Affects Bottom Line For Businesses In U.S. Chinatowns

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