Jake Tapper points out Rush Limbaugh's failed marriages following Buttigieg comments


Donald Trump is actually backing P. puja John this so he made an appearance on the Geraldo Rivera podcast and he was asked about the comments of Rush Limbaugh here's what Donald Trump the president the United States had to say about rush Limbaugh's comments on the fact that people to judge happens to be a homosexual what Americans vote for a gay man to be president I think so I think there would be some that wouldn't didn't you know I wouldn't be among that group to be honest with you but I think that yes I think that it doesn't seem to be hurting Pete mood at age as you say he has you would call him it doesn't seem to be hurting him very much and but it would certainly be a group you know this better than I did it be a group that probably wouldn't but you know you are you and I would not be in that group yeah then why are you giving the medal of freedom to to to to Rush Limbaugh you've dealt you dealt and by the way I hear a few people that have literally zero credibility but I'm gonna read off what they said about the Rush Limbaugh comments because when people like senator Lamar Alexander and Lindsey Graham are speaking out against the ball you know what's wrong Lindsey Graham said it's a miscalculation as to where the country is that I think the country is not going to disqualify somebody because of their sexual orientation when asked if Limbaugh should retain the the medal of freedom Graham said well my god free speech still exists this has nothing to do with free speech if somebody one on the sidewalk and was screaming out the N. word and Donald Trump gave him the medal of freedom award would that be Lindsey Graham's answer while you're allowed to have freedom of speech the question wasn't about freedom of speech it was about is this the right guy to receive the award so of course Lindsey Graham dodges dodges the question what a shocker Republican senator rob Portman sort of Limbaugh he may disagree as I do with their policy positions but the question is what their qualifications are not other

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