Carnival shares rise even as cruise company warns of ‘material’ COVID-19 impact


Reporting cannot keep a good market down at the nasdaq up a half a percentage point to doubt nine tenths of one percent and nasdaq up a half a percent to see where the action is underneath the hood return to bluemix accented or Dave Wilson they will look at this morning well what's interesting about today is you you get companies talking about the effect of the corona virus on their business and their shares go walk and he'll look at carnival look at the cruise lines more generally carnival saying that canceled voyages in Los bookings because the corona virus will have a material impact on results no material that sort of standard accounting terms when you got to talk about what's going on and yet the shares are higher by close to three percent wrote Caribbeans up Norwegian cruise line is up another one is PVH I mean that's Calvin Klein Tommy Hilfiger or and you know they had to close some stores in China no surprise a lot of companies have they also get some of their apparel from China so you know when you put it all together they're real farming their earnings forecasts for one's really now it's an estimate for their latest fiscal year and you know they haven't really kind of express a lot of concern about what's ahead so you see PVH shares among the top performers the S. and P. five hundred or a five point seven percent so really looks like one of those days where corona virus at the very least we seize into the background as an issue for companies when it comes to work doing business or perhaps people are just getting a firmer sense of just how vast the liability will be I mean perhaps this is just an issue of perhaps stocks would be even higher and much higher at that if it weren't for the corona virus worry are we getting any sense of of how much of a dampening effect it's had even as we reach new highs well at this point it's kind of hard to see how much of an affect there might even be in the he'll look at how we're doing this year you know you see the S. and P. five hundred up close to four and a half percent the nasdaq higher by almost eight percent today I'd say I just you you can set price alerts on your Bloomberg terminal is set up to with them that are going to be Sir interesting milestones thirty thousand for the Dow industrials it's a twenty nine five hundred almost at this point and ten thousand for the nasdaq composite which it is just below ninety seven hundred right now it just goes to show you you know as this advance keeps calling it almost eleven years into a ball market and me here you're definitely up against some

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