Two NYT journalists set off to uncover one of the biggest scandals of the decade

The Tip Off


The New York. Times investigations team. Jodi cantor was facing a new challenge. ENJ- for years should reported on workers rights and specifically women's rights companies like Amazon or starbucks. You know I had come to believe. The gender kind of can't open are a for investigative journalism that these stories were not only about women's experiences but because women are often me outsiders at these organizations. If you focused on the women's experiences you could learn a lot about what was really happening inside. It may twenty seventeen and her editor put her onto a new patch. The previous mumps has seen a slew of allegations around powerful men in the public eye allegations of sexual abuse use and harassment about bill cosby or TV anchor. Bill O'Reilly The Times made of sort of all around commitment to sexual harassment reporting and so we decided to look in academia in factories in restaurants in Silicon Valley etc etc but that was a huge patch. Cover so where do you start well for Jodi. It was with a tweet that caught some people's attention a few months early. Ah The tweets was from Hollywood. Actress rose McGowan and in just a few characters artists. It promised away into the story. The tweets was accompanied with the Hashtag. Why women don't report and read as follows? Because it's it's been an open secret in Hollywood slash media and they shame me while agitating rapist. Jody sense who the tweet might be about it. Tallied was something elsewhere somebody had given me a tip about Harvey Weinstein and said the story really needs to be done but we were really starting from nothing. We a new only rumors had no idea whether they will real or not so subtle at her desk in New York. Jody stead her computer screen. She was not a celebrity gossip tip columnist. She didn't have any connections with anyone in this world. And it's not exactly an easy universe to wonder into. I didn't know any actresses you normally emily when you're trying to get in touch with the famous person. You call their publicist or their agent. But we did not want to do that. Because with all due respect to this people they're gatekeepers and we thought they would just shut us down and a few people Jodi did manage to talk to didn't exactly fill her confidence that there was even a story here. Harvey Weinstein Though A well-known in the industry wasn't exactly a household name people had heard of his films and his company but not that many people would have been able to point him out in the crowd and Jodi kept hearing the same thing. There were some very condescending Hollywood sources who lectured us and they say things like oh Jodi the casting couch which is just a part of Hollywood and it's been that way from the beginning. It's a very unfortunate part of our industry but it's just not changeable and look you're never get your little story but if you do nobody will care. Feeling a bit stuck Jodi went to her editors they had an idea another reporter who face similar roadblocks alien her reporting give mecanical. They suggested so Jodie and I didn't really know each other She had been at the times for much longer than I had. And she was wondering what to say when you as a reporter when you do get a woman on the phone who you suspect has been a victim of of sexual harassment or assault. What you say in those first thirty seconds to try to keep them on the phone but you know I basically tapped into some of the experiences dances that I had had in that reporting which was to say? I can't change what's happened to you in the past but if we work together we're able to publish the truth. We might be able to protect other other people. We might be able to use your private pain towards some sort of constructive purpose. Meghan put the phone down but couldn't stop thinking about a work. Jody was doing so when she returned to the office after her maternity leave. She knew exactly what she wanted to do. I quickly ended up becoming her partner on the

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