King Kong vs. Godzilla - burst 07


And she's rushing off to how Kaido island to save all this human stuff. Okay whatever I watched it. But it's not the stuff I'm concerned with like. Show Me Godzilla Ramsey. Show me those toy tanks rolling out and shooting off firecrackers Adam so he could step on them. If it's funny I like it if it's monsters I'm having fun with this story. Line in the Japanese cut. Fortunately it doesn't get a whole lot apply. It's definitely the see list story but yeah I really didn't care about her plight of the presumably dead boyfriend who isn't ultimately she's supposed was to be like she's GonNa get lifted up by Kong and he's going to stay on top of the short spill again. You mean the tallest building in Japan. I doubt that it doesn't look very tall. Steps up on it. Yeah they build up there. They don't have a whole lot of room so I think there's plenty of tall buildings. Go from. Yeah they're going to smash big temple at the the end. That's taller than that building. Yeah she's based in Tokyo but she's heading off to an island off the coast and yeah if anyone has ever had a train set you're

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