Why the huge problem of rape in India isn’t going away anytime soon


Can be a struggle for women and girls to stay safe in India the horrific case of a gang rape on a bus led to increase prison terms and fast track trials for rapists but in the past month there had been a new similarly brutal attacks in Indians are worrying if anything has actually improved a warning their art graphic details in this story we're gonna hear now from NPR's Lauren Frayer from Mumbai our top story a young woman was allegedly gang raped in a moving bus seven years ago the fatal gang rape of a college student on a New Delhi bus jolted Indians into panic over sexual violence in their country you know everybody was asking who would do such a horrendous crime might do my top handy tried to answer that question by interviewing a hundred and twenty two convicted rapists behind bars her findings became her PhD in criminology she now lectures at university in England panty says the men were mostly uneducated but polite they expressed respect for women in their own families they could say things like my mother is like a goddess she means the world to me and in the same breath they could say things about the victim like she provoked me or she asked for it she was someone who was character less they showed little remorse and no understanding of consent to panty sets when I asked her if any of the men had had sex ed in school she said well Laurin I never received sex education I don't know why this such a taboo around sex in our country and I sex ed is still banned in many Indian states four years ago sexual harassment education became mandatory in all colleges so you've got nineteen and twenty year old starting with the very basics water boy it is the **** the end is going to be to made it one of the instructors leading this new training is all time Oscar he works for a group called men against violence and abuse which specializes in teaching boys not just about anatomy what about patriarchal values that run deep in India and may fuel sexual violence it's a spectrum of violence so you begin with god calling you see films but in it's okay you too but US of a man and you will see eventually the man falls in love with the man you know because this whole idea of the dominance you being the protected all someone if you see women as so precious that they need protecting you probably don't see them as equals but Khan says he sees progress boys come

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