The U.S. Seemed to Be Leaving Iraq. But It Was All an ‘Honest Mistake.’


Hill defense secretary mark asper says there are no plans to pull troops out of Iraq the calm and followed a confusing day at the Pentagon after a draft letter implied otherwise general mark Millie chairman of the joint chiefs of staff told reporters that the draft letter circulated internally by a U. S. marine commander was a poorly written honest mistake that should never have gotten out around foreign minister says he's been denied a visa into the U. S. to attend this week's U. N. security council meeting CBS news security analyst Paul boiled it says this is not a surprise the bottom line is that the Iranian government has made very clear statements numerous times since January third and since the drone strike that their next step actions are going to be severe against the United States and against its citizens and against its assets so using the foundation of the fact that visas can be denied for security terrorism for policy reasons this is not a surprise it's clearly in the United States position and right and it's already to do so the US state department has not commented on the visa requests the U. S. as the host of the U. N. headquarters is supposed to allow foreign officials to attend such

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