Americans from coronavirus-stricken cruise ship in Japan arrive in U.S.


News your deal is far from over for local passengers aboard a quarantine cruise ship when the diamond princess was first put under quarantine for covert nineteen formerly known as coronavirus Japan and U. S. health officials decided it was best to keep passengers on the ship for fourteen days in the time since thirty percent of those on board have tested positive in over the weekend US health officials now say keeping passengers on board was not a great idea for the more a plan to offload US citizens and fly them home now has an added twist another fourteen days quarantine one third once they're back in this country she heard ABC mention at the top of the hour several of them are already back home Kerry cells of Utah told the Associated Press four hundred American citizens are going to suffer because of their incompetence five people from our state were on board that ship including Susan Annabel of marriage but we're told these people can make one of two choices either make one of the flights back the U. S. for additional quarantine or stay in Japan for another two

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