'Birds of Prey' Review: Nihilism for Fun and Profit


Movie reviews let's jump right into it Eric how you doing okay all right Steve how are you good all right so we can see prepare children we got the movie reviews here which we do every Sunday we'll talk box office as well we'll catch up when I was off last week for the Academy Awards but Steve you did see birds of prey the Harley Quinn thing yes hi would you think well I mean it this is a film that once very desperately for us to believe that it's a G. and twisted in the NBA wanted so much to kind of forget to actually be edgy and twisted it keeps telling us how it deals with the the the and that's not to say that the the latest DC comics movie century isn't doesn't have its moments but certainly Margot Robbie's is was among the highlights of this sort of a spin off of suicide squad and she was certainly one of the highlights of that film but it is fun at times I I I like I can honestly say I can't think of a movie I've seen more recently they are seen so many people work so hard to convince me they're having a good time and yet the it's sort of extraordinarily conventional at the same time unlike unlike suicide squad which is sort of put together by a government agency the birds of prey kind of come together more naturally joker isn't actually in the sermon and by the way I should make it clear we're talking at the joker not the current dot that most recent joker iteration but the jerit letto joker from a couple years ago but he's not in this it doesn't matter but that doesn't stop the screenwriter who Christine at Hudson who did bumble bee which is actually a pretty good script from from sort of leaning into his influence on this whole story when were re introduced a Harley Quinn she and and joke or have just broken up which apparently means that any protection that she has being affiliated with him is gone so suddenly all the criminals in Gotham when the killer and I'm not exactly sure why but she has done some horrible things in the past I guess one of the people she has wronged is there is a crime boss this play by you and McGregor who goes by the name black mask something of sort of a flashy party boy E. but he kind of seems to have one speed in one elevated volume when he speaks he basically like rip Taylor in a black skull mask so he's more obnoxious than threatening the the hit the side kick that's played by Christmas Cena whose actually way more sort of deviant sinister and then black mass gives but we don't really get to see him that much but the the what happens is that they these these email characters all kind of come together some of them are more superhero oriented like a crossbow wielding huntress is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and then there's care during black Canary's played by journey small at bell and there's a young girl name Cass who's play ballads a Bosko is a police detective Renee mon twenty it was played by Rosie Perez and I gotta say of all of all the of all those characters Winstead in parens really kind of stand out I guess not surprisingly and it's it's actually kind of really great just to be reminded how much of a presence Rosie Perez can be and that when given the chance and given this kind of exposure and and sort of elevated in this way there is a far more interesting aspects of birds of prey than just the action of the actions not bad there's sort of a subtext about what happens to people when they sustain prolonged abuse or other forms of violence most of lead characters are suffering from some form of PTSD or another in the sort of find unique ways to cope with that it's a it's a shared condition that brings these women together and bonds them and makes them not only surprisingly strong as a team but but it's also sort of a new weird little group therapy thing the film doesn't address this directly but it's sort of hard not to hard to miss it like get a you know a like most things in birds of prey it's not exactly subtle but anyway the the I guess of the action sequences are kind of a mixed bag of sort of standard issue cases in explosions in fighting and with a few sort of clever original and and a little bit bloody idea sort of sprinkled in but a few case you're in curious birds of prey is actually yes very rated R. the some there's some gory violence there's some liberal usage of four letter words but I'm guessing the under age folks who will be speaking into this movie will not be traumatized by anything that they see it's got a great Sir high energy soundtrack to really bombastic score by Daniel Pembleton and and enough sort of deviance from Robbie and company to the keep it interesting mobile when the problem with the film is the bad guy even the Gregory is terrible in this he looks like he's having a good time but you know the thing I hate more than anything else in the world in movies is watching someone have fun yeah because it does not this I don't know I don't know what someone on a roller coaster I want to get on the roller coaster like so that's sort of the problem here and okay when DC finally figures out their bad guy problem they're gonna probably for anyway but that to me it's a mixed review but but that's about I got a I don't know if it's positive or negative all

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