Super Bowl XXXIX Recap: Patriots vs. Eagles


The game we most fans remember. Andy Reid foremost is super bowl. Thirty nine and especially how the game finished up in the last six minutes. But let's set things up here just a little bit coming into Super Bowl all thirty nine. Both the Patriots and Eagles were the best teams in their conference. Both number one seeds both had tremendous seasons. The Patriots went fourteen and two that season season as they were looking for their third super bowl title in four years. Obviously Tom Brady was just beginning his run as the greatest quarterback of all time but he'd already established himself as a two time superbowl champion. And so the odds were stacked against the eagles a little bit in the Super Bowl although the eagles were far and away the best team team in the NFC that season having gone thirteen and three really they were essentially a one loss team. They lost to the Pittsburgh steelers in the middle of the season but they had clinched the number for one seat in the conference with two games left in the season and basically didn't play anybody in the final two games and that's why they went thirteen and three. The Eagles probably could have been a fifteen in one team if they'd actually played their starters in the final two games of the season but thirteen and three is nothing to sneeze at and it was certainly good enough to get them the number one seed in the playoffs The Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings rather handily in the NFC divisional round and then in the NFC championship game. As you heard me talk about on the last edition of BG and memories when we took a look back at the ten greatest moments in Eagles NFC championship game. History when they dispatch the Falcons pulling away in the second in half winning that game. Twenty seven to ten on New England also had a pretty easy time in the postseason. They won their divisional round game against the Indianapolis Colts. It's twenty two three and then they won the AFC title against the steelers. Forty one to twenty seven. Bill Belichick Charlie. Weis the offensive coordinator at that time for New England Oakland and on the side. Of course you had Andy Reid calling the plays and Jim Johnson The defensive coordinator at the Blitz Happy Defensive Coordinator one of the big story lines. The the biggest story line going into Super Bowl thirty nine was of course the health of terrel owens who was hurt against the Dallas cowboys a few weeks before the end of the season He had A. He broke his leg on a horse collar. Tackle that has now been deemed illegal because of that hit but as the game started getting closer it started to appear as though Teo Jio would be able to get on the field and Tara loans for the Eagles in two thousand and two thousand four was the difference. He took the eagles from being a very very good team. Urine in your out to an almost unbeatable team That season in fourteen games really was just thirteen games because he was hurt early in that game against the cowboys he caught seventy any seven passes for twelve hundred yards and fourteen touchdowns for the eagles that season for the first time in his career. Donovan mcnabb had a true number one receiver seaver to throw the ball to but the eagles offense performed quite well whether well without Tara loans in the two playoff games but to beat the Patriots it was clear the eagles goals. We're GONNA need him and he managed to get. He managed to get back in time six weeks after surgery to repair his broken right ankle. He was on the the field for the start of Super Bowl. Thirty nine Donovan. mcnabb had his best season. An Eagle in two thousand and four mostly because terrel owens was on the outside and he and mcnabb was outstanding in two playoff wins against the Vikings and the Falcons mcnabb had always struggled in those NFC title game but he played very well against Atlanta Atlanta. One or the other storylines that Freddie Mitchell was running his mouth. He came into the game talking a lot of smack about safety Rodney Harrison telling Harrison that he he was gonna have something for him and then in the game you know Freddie Mitchell caught one pass which late in the fourth quarter and Harrison had Two interceptions as we'll get to here in just Dominica and of course the Patriots were looking to officially become a dynasty. They had beaten the rams had upset. The Rams in the Super Bowl three years before they had failed to get back to the super bowl the year after that. But in two thousand three or just after the two thousand three season they beat the Carolina Panthers and one of the most underrated super bowls in NFL NFL history. And we're looking for their third title in four years. Andy Reid looking for that first title after finally getting the Eagles back to the Super Bowl for the first time since nineteen eighteen eighty so that was the setup as the teams gathered on the field in Jacksonville Florida for Super Bowl. Thirty

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