What will a new CEO do for 3D printing company Stratasys?



The news is there's a new. CEO It strategists. I wonder if it will make much difference as to what's going on. Their stock is up two point. Three two percent as we record word at one thing about strategists you know we we like to Moan and Groan about how their Their desktop hobby level three deep renters have kind of fallen by the wayside. They haven't done anything innovative new or worth buying At that market level for quite awhile the the maker Bot method which came out last year is basically a replacement for the MOJO. Which means it's not really for the hobby the market it's for the professional market? The folks who just want to push the button and walk away and get work done a high quality. FDM Printer but just enough damn printer and it's primarily ABS. So it means it's got a heat soak the product. It's gotTA use their filament. Not Something I would recommend. You know I'm I'm employed at a big tech company now and they come to me for consulting on Three D. Printing and they've been asking me what printers should we buy next six year. We've got all this money. We'd like to a couple of FDA machines for clients who come in and need quick parts and the last printer on their list was the maker Bot method. There are a bunch on their list that I deleted right away also maker. Bot method wasn't even on the list unfortunately for them the the stratus is this part of the company. Though is still a really strong company from a technical standpoint. I'd say their their biggest problem is the cost of ownership of one of these systems is pretty high not and they're not FDM they're they're polly jet systems are really probably the the top of the three reprinting world right now but an object printed with one of these systems. It's values quite high. So you really can't use them for any form of production I'm there purely for prototypical kinds of thing very specialized high end one off medical production arte art at work and it's only going to be used once Because the cost of these items make them way too expensive for production use so from that perspective. They're not going to be on the growth part of the market. Unfortunately and I think that's a problem and I think they need to figure that out cost of ownership Russian must go way down to bring the systems like the object into the production world. So we'll see we'll see what this fellow does on. He's he's got a PhD in economics. So he should be add up his spreadsheet there we'll see what

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