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Molly Sims: Supermodel To Super Healthy


Here? We go with Molly Sims. Hi Molly how are you. Welcome to the PODCAST. I'm gate how're you were doing. Great were excited to chat with you molly and to start off. I want to talk about how you grew up with a mom who is into fresh food as she was into cooking being at home. And I'm just curious with she the earliest inspiration for your current interest in health and wellness. I think so. I mean my mom was one of six women were from Kentucky. She grew up on a farm. What they grew is what they ate? She was from the south so it was very fresh. I would say organic at the time as as much as it could be but yeah I think from my mom it was such an inspiration. I think she even took it to be honest with you. One step farther because she would travel with my dad they owned owned a book company and she we go all over to different colleges and universities so she just was exposed to a lot and she would bring that information exposure back to the family okay and to have her prunes at her al-menzah and she'd be making her smoothie like she did this way before like it became trendy. You know what I mean. Even in her last few years there's even though she's very sick now. She has taken care of herself from absolutely day. One which it's made a difference in my life because she taught me everything Yes yes for sure. She had a huge impact on me and my brother and in the earlier I did you resist that or were you into it you know. My mom was always someone who who was very healthy but at the same time she had no problems with her weight so she was like. Let's not have the Arby's sandwich with a frosty see and the fries. She was really good. I didn't really resist that much. One great thing about mom. She wasn't so like you have to do this. Has it has to be this way. Like she definitely lead by example as opposed to telling me what to do or what to eat eventually like I pretty much embrace almost everything she did. Ed and you mentioned the fact that your mom grew up on a farm was your grandma's farm around when you're a kid yes we go there. It was great I mean had upon with fish just at a bar. They grew tomatoes cucumbers peas. They would shell make jam main homemade ice cream. Everything amazing and how would you describe your childhood. My childhood was pretty idealistic. A main I was from Kentucky a very small town very family oriented a beautiful community that a small town offers. I A lot of support a lot of women helping women and families helping families. I wish the education would have been a little bit better. But ideally I mean I had I can say I'm not in therapy over my family name like my brother and I are very blessed to have the support and Mohammed that we did and you grew up in a family with six other siblings. Correct mom was one of six and my dad was one of two. You have your brother. I just had my brother. Yeah but my grandparents my mom grip on a farm and it was beautiful thing because we'd go and visit you know my grandmother grandmother and my grandfather and all her sisters and brothers and what we ate was from that farm. You know they go and put in bags and bring it back home and we shall appease with my grandmother and my mother and they would make jams would make pies all her sisters. It was just very familial you know. And how has this carried over to your life life today. I think it's carried over to life today in a way that I love tradition. I love family. I love community. I love sitting around a table. Well I'M NOT GONNA lie. It's the one thing that at least one meal a day that my family is. We do the Rosen at the Warren which is what was the best part of your day in what was the yuckiest. Geus part of your day are the not so great part of your day. I try to eat healthy. I make smoothies. We look at a lot of almost all the ingredients. It's like we really tried to make. It is organic and healthy and delicious as possible.

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Molly Sims: Supermodel To Super Healthy

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