Time To Reset


Everybody subtropical cryptic podcast. This Craig Cub you're GonNa take you through what's going on because they'll tell you something right now. There is very little that has gone very little indeed yesterday where we started the pullback across the top ten I actually got stopped out of all much last night so for me yes away last night was A exiting ton and Looking at very good profit across the board debt now there are two trades. Didn't make Prophet. And I think I think there were two others locking Improv action. Because deshaun yet not David Fool Those prophet there. Those property in in in a number of device tries it all without democracy by the way so these were all out to the community Israel things at tied that did occur. If you remember you you already know. You're probably got stopped doubt of many of these with me and when I still when he wanted to stand that doesn't mean loss getting all much more way or another it's still for Providence. Stop that for a loss. I let the orders the heavy lifting and I sit back on the rest of that I can't make the market move and that is basically white whiten. See what it does is it. There's nothing else can do so right now. We do seem to have a little bit of resistance around that nine thousand market. Actually I account can't really say that it's it's it's not true north thousands of level that we did test on and we pulled back from. That's that's what happen now. Is that actually resistance there. I don't know I mean I don't know I I I would say that there is not say there is nothing. It's worthy of going anymore anymore into detail about that. We still do have technically uptrend on the dialing will Bush so small bearish Canada feud. I still go of course the Tom. It's not looking as good as what was was when I got long and I got long filled by basic one. Let's say that. How big is basic? It's pretty small so of being filled in that yesterday the day before and to just get stopped out of bitcoin currently our eight thousand four hundred nine dollars. I was down two point nine four percent on bitcoin very similar sort of outcome there. On a theory we pull back a little bit deeper into that cradles. One sixty two sixty six where. We're at down three percents. dight ails against the deluge. Three hundred fifty six cents down two point one six percent still having a pool that cradles on which is a bit of a buffet. Five point right since downfalls percents today except back in that cradle right now and we are twenty two point six cents down four point six three per cent log on having quote a significant pullback other not what are pulling back fifty to fifty four dollars and thirty cents down six point six percent and then back bitcoin cash also in the same sort of realm that down six point seven percent a three twenty any farther five so that bitcoin cash had had a very strong run to the upside. That pullback has Yeah it's been it's been on the cards for oil and it. It's just a bond with info present we sitting at seventeen ten cents right now and we got the biggest full uh is one of the big one other full. Stop the best way to use the English language. Craig the best fuller. It's the best. The largest of the declines at one point six cents is it seven point two two percent down one bigger than that in the top ten right. Now get to that in. Just the second Kaduna look. It does continue to struggle around that full point. Six cent. Mock there is resistance their horizontal level. which if you've been listening to me and following me for long enough humor? That's solely focused on his horizontal level. Nephew slipping trend lines and If you've been through the program you'll know exactly why that is but it's that full point three cents down four point six percent the biggest decline to die the biggest full is on bitcoin. S Down fifteen point. One seven percent was hitting two hundred and sixty dollars and fifty percents now for me today a dining facility too much activity intriguing land. That could be wrong. There's two things at Wayne on that one is the mock it looks as though it's You know in a position where it's a bit of a I'm not sure about self-written out for me. You know the Have tried on you can be long. It can be short. You can go fishing as the great tom once. He's a goodness. May Jesse livermore says for me. I'm happy Vertigo. Start to the year. Despite those everything getting taken out not still done very well the providence. Still there there's a couple that were all risk out but that's manageable. NFL risk. We don't take too many tries at a time we build a portfolio when the

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