Raiders on a Playoff Run & David Carr for the Steelers - burst 2


It. Yeah good run their saquon so much. Pro Football talk about Inbetween Week. Sixteen sixteen and an all important week. Seventeen for many pro football teams but of course we start with SAQUON. Because as I'm sure you already know He. He figured figured prominently in to the cool cat spelled with suitcase. Second Fantasy Football League Championship in three years. Congratulations saquon right. And the Shawn Watson and Michael Thomas in Duke Hopkins and all the rest of the fellas who contributed no one outside our locker room believed in US and yet here. We are a top football mountain where we are talking about it. Yeah I just letting you know one thing that exciting yes. I mean sport this is what sports typically fee. It's really I hope. I don't WanNa make too big a deal about it. But if that group of men can come together and play for one purpose and achieve what they did against the odds I mean we were sitting at five eight and one point and you say we are as long as you know what's interesting about fantasy football is when you if you win the fantasy football championship. Yes if you want a super bowl champ. Have three or the whole team fans celebrates together. Everyone celebrates I mean people in London or celebrating your but when it's a fantasy football it's your no one else you're like. Hi Five even when the person who you played against this morning is woken up. And they're like. I'm going to put that lawyer three months. That was a waste of my time. Adrian Peterson scored a touchdown for the cool uh-huh cats in Against the giants won. You know what I have. Adrian Peterson re genuinely that. He the only reason he says about that touched has that might be one of the air south. They're jerks out there. That's what I found out. In my rise. There are a lot of doubters much time rage of very lonely feeling. Everybody thinks we suck. And we're not GONNA do anything you know what Tom I feel you. I've been there. I was just there but like you finished your most recent pro football season at the the top so to his damage Shak now. Let's talk about though that is now

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