GM Brodie Van Wagenen says New York Mets finalizing agreement with quality control coach Luis Rojas to make him manager


Joined as the match have filled their vacancy with the son of Felipe Alou Louise roe Haas arm and you could not most Mets fans over with a feather because this is a guy was a quality control coach last year obviously a tremendous family lineage of bilingual individual who can relate to virtually everyone in the clubhouse does the team has managed it up you know if you will smaller places than the fishbowl York's that's rolling dice man because as Harold Reynolds of MLB network pointed out there ready to win now they got away now this is it certainly Syndergaard might not be around for much longer although the other guys supposedly not really Bobby Axelrod but has a resume Bobbi acts Roddy's going to be the the new full time or the mats has all the money to spend you don't have any problems like the previous years so you never know did I mean

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