Apple Pays $25 Million for Billie Eilish Documentary Headed for Apple TV+ Rather Than Apple Music

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The Apple Music Awards Aka the belly Ilitch show seems to have gone off without a hitch. Each didn't see it myself. I was out last night. However apple insider had a decent ride up beats one presenter? Zane loaded the intro full of Hoes Amazon. Hey Zana's for Irish. And her brother Fellas. Then the two did a bunch of songs for English fans. Who'd been invited to Apple Park specifically specifically for the event if you missed it or saw it and just want to see it again billy eyelash at the Steve? Jobs theater is available to stream on apple music. The award and the show weren't the only Irish News on Wednesday. While the show what was going on apple insider says the Hollywood reporter reported word of an eyelash documentary secured by apple the peace says the Cupertino Keno Company is paying a rumored twenty five million dollars for rights to an island documentary directed by our Jay Cutler. Interestingly this one will apparently apparently not stream on apple music while past music centric films have found themselves on apple streaming music service. The untitled Silas knock is expected to make its way to apple TV. Plus it'll debut sometime in twenty twenty

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