Don Johnson on His New Film 'Knives Out'


This is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now that is a WHO Dunnit of sorts but to me. It's the most fun that I've had at the movies movies this year. It's called knives out. And one of the stars is my guest today. Don- Johnson here especially little torture chamber. We Ah the black inside the black kind event also. Well people confess when they sit in this chair. I'll tell you anything anything. Anything he wanted to unburden yourself on. This is a you know I'm I'm ready. I'm ready to just leave. Just push the button. Okay Yeah who did it. No I is a movie that actually begins with the murder but it's not like we know anything well. The interesting thing is is that in the first ten ten minutes you see the actual death actual murder you see and so without knowing without knowing what you're meant to see or what what what you know there. And then you spend the next COUPLA hours having a blast watching these incredibly beautifully flog people entitled I really it just Hilarious it's Christopher amherst character that murdered right and he's having his eighty fifth birthday and yes this all star cast including you. I looked at that movie into any one of these bastards could adopt. Yeah that cast. Is You know the the interesting thing that happened. Is that when we got together to make this movie. It all came together pretty fast and we we arrived in. We shot out of south side of Boston towards Wellesley in this in that house in a big mansion. Yeah and and We all had these new enormous trailers not more than two hundred yards away from the house. we never used them. All we did was as we go downstairs in the basement of this house and we'd picked a room a lot like this a lot more friendly but I had a little more humor to it not much but we would sit around and tell stories about the movies. We'd done it asked you know I'd asked Daniel Daniel Daniel Craig about you know what. Tell me about that stunt and tell me what you know about about this and that and he had asked me about things that that We had done Christopher plummer summer and and I've known Christopher for a long time we we held down a couple of barstools and in San Francisco. I'm not shocked. And that and Jamie Lee Curtis who plays. You're pissed. Oh she he's still see. Well I worked out pretty well because she plays my wife and the thing and I showed up for work she started bossing me around and I said okay. Why not and captain? America's your son Chris Evans. Yeah this normal. Sure everybody's just hanging out there that hey birthplaces and there's a lot of movies that I see sometimes where I think the actors actors are having a great time. But I'm not in this case it's red from what you guys were doing to the audience when we see I know it's infectious. It really is. Yeah and that's harder actually think you know the the the the extraordinary extraordinary thing about this We didn't have a table read. We didn't rehearse we just showed up on the first day and you no. It's not an uncomplicated. No people have to and so we showed up on the first day. And we we start to go and I and and I hit a I hit the tone that I think is right. and Lo and behold Jamie Lee tosses the ball back to me and Scott the same tone and then we started to roll and everybody else sort of you know did their thing and we kind of brought that sense of joy in and in the moment to the to the to the to the To two knives out and I think that that's what you feel. I think that that joy in that fun kind of ride is what you feel like. You're lifted up. But it has a very contemporary temporary kind of spin on it. Yeah you should explain Richard who is a bit of a rat bastard. Yeah well they're they're all horrible people there are they are but he. He is kind of the personification of the Great. I loved him because he doesn't do. Anything doesn't have a job. AUB doesn't do anything he just you know. He's the personification of entitled because he lives off of His wife in the family and all that stuff I sort of played him like a like a one of those country club sizes. Just kind of walking around with half a buzz on over time. It is whatever you want but yeah people you need to see this. And when they do they can thank us for it. I can thank you. You're welcome. You're welcome bureaus. It's a good time and then I have to bring this up too because it's so great is watchman on HBO. You know I've seen you do a lot of great things things right from the beginning. You know even Miami Vice where when people think of it now and they think of how you're dressed and the style that you had and the suits the cheese and the t shirts and the whole deal no socks yeah started a complete fashion trend but that was a really good show. Yeah I was a little ignoring by in the beginning when there's Oh it's just fluff at style over substance and I was going well not so fast you know we we managed to get had some you know a golden globe. And you're gone. What does that mean? It's true But yeah no I've I've been fortunate in that I've had some Some meaty parts get to play over the years and I just think I mean you'll show Abo thing is is is ah trip. Sorry to interrupt with that Help the the the the writer creator of Damon Lindelof was I think I gave him his first job on Nash Bridges. You don't quite remember no way I mean I know that I I saw now I see. Yeah Yeah and then he went on of course to To do lost and forgiving him. No no no. He's true they should. I should be getting away. From all guys Sean Ryan and Carlton Carlton Cues and all the I mean. So many people came out of that That little incubator. I had gone up there. Those shows Nash Bridges and Miami. I swear long running shows which you're playing cops and I remember hearing you do an interview once and said I'm done with that you know and here you are as sheriff drugged God. You Judge Judge for judge hanging around the hanging around. But there's something in that role on. I know I get killed if I say anything too much about it but you know we probably both would. Well you'd be specially killed but I don't know how you get killed yeah to do this. But it's such a wonderfully complex charming character Thank you might have many many other level the NFL. What's happening? Yeah well when I see an emmy nomination for that too in your future Oh bless your heart. Don't vote for the Emmy Okay. So it's useless. I think you know every listen every reality start somewhere with a rumor. Okay talk to John. You heard it here therefore I give you know I'm not getting it's make it happen. Yeah that is a lot of fun to do too because it was. I didn't have a character who can be sitting at a family dinner and get up and do Rogers and Hammerstein and make everybody feel. I WANNA be around this guy. It was just very ballsy and Fabulous to what you know. That's the way I felt about it because Damon column. He wrote me this beautiful letter and of course if you want an actor's attention you just write him a letter and tell him how great he is and you've got his undivided attention. I guaranteeing I don't care who it is. It's like Kryptonite right. You know. Start Bragging on an actor and telling them how great they are. They'll do anything and I fell victim to that. He came in. Yeah Yeah you're the God. And so he Lewis. Is this Lewis right walk on. I love it but he asked me to come in and he told me he kinda told me that story. The sort of long grades plans for for watching it. I don't think he wanted to scare me off so he didn't. He didn't tell me the whole thing but he told me enough and I and I kind of felt like well. I'm in on the joke and I like that. You know and and I also think that it's an interesting thing to have My fans wouldn't expect it no one expects and it's kind of A. It's kind of like one of those things where I can get away with that these days where maybe couldn't before

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